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80’s friendship memory

Thinking about Chrysler/Dodge (something I wrote elsewhere), decades ago the woman who worked the door at the big gay nightclub on Arnold Street (Wham/Encore!) asked me if she could take me out to lunch the next day in her new car. She wanted me to see it.

She was real sweet, and we liked each other, but I assumed I was just another one of the thousands of faces she saw at the door. Why me?

Even though I didn’t understand the invitation, I readily accepted. She showed up the next day at my place in her new Dodge Diplomat.

It was nice, and I paid many compliments to her for the kind invitation and her car purchase.

All the while I was asking myself who TF would buy a 1980’s Dodge Diplomat, especially a new one. I thought it was weird. Not my car, not my purchase, so if that’s what she wanted, I was pleased for her.

We had a nice lunch out. Fun! Wonderful woman who seemed to care a lot about people. I think she was straight but did tons to see the crowd through the 80’s AIDS horrors.


orange pride

I’m not into corporate or political gaywashing, but I could use this shirt. 🏳️‍🌈

It’s worth it for the clamps alone. I mean pliers.

gay party invitation – guadalajara jal mx, 1985

While rooting around in some things today, I found this old gay party invitation from Guadalajara. 1985, maybe, pre-Internet of course. This was the time of the especially severe AIDS horrors, but the parties had to go on. We had to keep the music playing and remember the fallen ones and the ones falling.

I looked up the address, Bélgica 469, Guadalajara. It appears to be a house (see image). I don’t remember going to a party in a house. Either the building is different, I didn’t go, or I just don’t remember being there for various reasons.

One scan is the entire invitation, then I broke it up into two shorter scans to be able to see the whole thing.

I’ll attempt to translate top to bottom. It might be hit or miss. Feel free to help me.

Gay Party
Comadre ..

Would you like to:

— dance
— drink a cocktail
— see a drag show
— cruise
— queer around
— greet the girlfriends

Come on then.

This Saturday, 10th of August, 10:00 PM.
Bélgica 469

[map diagram]

We will have a dance contest (attractive prizes).
Free snacks.
Bring your royal wardrobe and show it off here.

Keep this ticket and we will give you 100 peso discount on the cover.

Organized by: Gay New Generation Group, GNGG.

[cartoon drawing]

[Terrorized girl on left with rock flying towards her. Group of hostile straights on right. “buga” is a slang term for straight people used by gays.]

“Don’t suffer from the rain anymore (of rocks)”

gay greensboro and guadalajara

Some gay places from long ago. Greensboro and Guadalajara.

mid-80’s new year’s eve in monica’s guadalajara

I spent one New Year’s Eve in Guadalajara, maybe ’84 or ’85. A bunch of us went to the big gay disco, called Monica’s, for the midnight party.

Just after midnight, the music stopped. I thought, “no way!”

In marched a rockin’ mariachi band that the bar had hired that played most of the night. Some of them looked a little nervous when they surveyed the crowd. 😀

It was funny to see drag queens and a disco full of gay people stomping out those traditional dances. I didn’t know how to do them, but plenty were willing to teach.

The disco also had a kitchen. After midnight, they opened the service area and the food came rolling out. Massive.

What a party.

door visitors

It hasn’t happened in a long time, but I usually enjoy when people come to the door promoting their church. I like a quick polite chat, take their literature, then call it done. All the while in the back of my mind I keep thinking, “you know you don’t want these two old fags stomping around in your church.” 😁

Well, some churches actually do want that, but I think the default is “rather not.”

I’ve actually been surprised a lot lately at the inclusiveness of some of them. I tread with care because it’s hard to get over the many injuries over the years.

waking up and not feeling half bad

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clubba roo on saturday night

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weho colors

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brief tour around the ol’ watering hole

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