Monthly Archives: January 2019

whirled dog

He wasn’t in the house ten seconds before he had himself whirled up in his camouflage hideaway.

#jj #smalldogclub

we all have the power

Somebody farts in Russia causing rampant discord in US society.

#flatulencedestroysdemocracies #powerofgas


We went out to eat Italian. After dinner, the server suggested coffee. Sometimes I want what the restaurant has. Other times I run home and make it myself.

I like coffee after Italian, or Mexican, Vietnamese, Wendy’s…any


scannit jannit


basura en el buzón

Coupons that come in the mail that are not stapled or in an envelope go directly to trash. It’s like somebody threw a handful of rubbish in your mailbox.

Also, Mother Jones sent an intro offer. Threw that away, too.