Monthly Archives: March 2021

truck stop coffee

It had to be done.

down on the farm with the cows and the chickens

Video title or Bob Evans (restaurant) bathroom sign. 😁

dud links

What I see when I click on a link that’s all Instagram posts and I don’t have an account at Instagram.

mouse power tower

Was near Disney today.

camello suaves

Have one. 🚬

chics on a plane

Chickens on a plane. 🐓✈️

hillary nutcracker

A most desirable accessory for any home. Makes the perfect gift.

campus queen

Somebody talking about me again?

I guess I’ve never really been the queen type myself, but I’ve been fond of quite a few. 👑

usa great seal

The perfect gift for anyone, anywhere in the world.

The Great Seal of the United States of America.

crypto for toilet paper

Crypto trade .

Some Stellar Lumens got me this.

The Suez might cause a toilet paper stop up. Go out tomorrow and get all the store has. Get cigarettes, too.