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the rubbers

At Greensboro Pride, Cone Health gave us some condoms, lube, and a drink koozie. They even offered PrEP.

What, am I 19 again? j/k

No, I’m not joking about condoms. Those things saved a lot of lives in the deadly 80’s, though I lost many of my friends anyway. PeEP did not exist then. If you got AIDS, you could be dead from within a few weeks to some months. A few made it for a few years.

Many places, especially the nightclubs, had fishbowls full of condoms all for free.

sbux orgullo comunista grupito refrescante

It’s fully automatic luxurious gay space communism at SBUX. Extra stars, please. ✨

orange pride

I’m not into corporate or political gaywashing, but I could use this shirt. 🏳️‍🌈

It’s worth it for the clamps alone. I mean pliers.

pride 1991 carrboro nc

Danger! Do not attempt at home.

Pride Carrboro 1991.

Me center.
Allen O’Briant on right with fan.
Colin Skinley on left shirt open.

old sunglasses

I found some old sunglasses in a drawer tonight. I realized they were the same ones I wore to Pride in Carrboro in 1991 (30 years ago). I probably bought them about 1986, so maybe they are 35 years old. They are now back in service.

firefox pride themes

Firefox has Pride themes.

These are sweet. I don’t use themes, though. I must have a flat grey/black/white colorless desktop browser. If I used themes, I’d use one of these.

At the bottom of the page, there are backgrounds for Zoom and things.


pride music

The music gets good during Pride month. Enjoying. I have a couple of days off to play.