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Cuba does not allow the United States to interfere in internal affairs

Damned good article from Cuba:

Cuba does not allow the United States to interfere in internal affairs

On the evening of Saturday, November 28, 2020, the Director General in charge of the United States at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, summoned the United States Chargé d’Affaires Timothy Zúñiga-Brown, to whom he conveyed that “Cuba does not allow the United States, or any state, to interfere in the country’s internal affairs”. He also asked him to reiterate that statement to the State Department.

Fernandez de Cossío pointed out to the diplomat that to have gone on several occasions to San Isidro, where his Embassy was aware that an event of political and social provocation was taking place, and to personally transport and support those who were violating the health regulations protecting against the COVID-19 pandemic constituted serious violations of his functions as a diplomat and as head of mission, a flagrant and defiant interference in Cuba’s internal political affairs and unquestionable violations of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

He emphasized that Cuba does not accept such behavior, and will not tolerate him and his Embassy conducting themselves in Cuba in contempt of the law and regulations, in violation of their obligations as diplomats.

The Director General clarified that the government of Cuba “is fully aware of the involvement of the United States government in financing, orienting and inciting groups and individuals in Cuba to challenge the government’s authority, both through peaceful and violent means,” which is aware of “the insistent but failed effort to add to those purposes the most representative sectors of art, culture and intellectuality in the country.

He emphasized that Cuba is also aware of the powerful machinery that from the United States manages, manipulates and harasses in the social networks, with an unmatched technological and financial support, in order to spread false information, incite hatred, divide the population, encourage resentment and call for illegality.

He clarified that, as in the rest of the world, in Cuba there is “full knowledge of the trajectory of the government of the United States in the overthrow of legitimate governments, in the execution or promotion of coups d’état, in the promotion of social instability at the cost of death and suffering.

Fernández de Cossio was emphatic in stating that he will not be allowed to do so here.

Translation by DeepL:

price park walk

From today at Price park, Greensboro.

vee-dubya beetle

At times I have entertained myself with Volkswagen Beetle history. I saw this picture on the wall at an antique store yesterday. The split rear window indicates 1953 or older.

There are a lot of subtle clues that one can use to identify the year of a Beetle. I enjoy piecing that puzzle together.

Brian and I rented new ones all the way up through the 2000’s for our tours of the Yucatan in Mexico. Mexico had a much later run of Beetles than anywhere else in the world.

juno free e-mail still there

I just checked on a free e-mail account I had from ages ago at Juno. I’m surprised that it still exists.

It’s not one I intend to use, but I updated the contact info and password just in case.

It doesn’t look technically sound: password has to be simple, no 2-factor auth, no IMAP. Anyway, I’ll keep it for retro fun if needed.

Juno hails from the dialup days when they gave you a little free time to connect, send/receive some e-mail, then disconnect. Windows 95 era and earlier.


lady sunbeam

It’s a Lady Sunbeam. This is back when you could say things like “lady doctor” or “doctress.” Then the language police stepped in and ruined all the fun. 😮

sleep aid

I get so tired of this bottle running out. If they made a larger size I would buy it.

Kmart December 1974 Reel To Reel – Christmas

“This is a digitized version of an in-store reel to reel tape that was played within a Kmart store in December 1974.”

We had fun listening to this last December. Two hours of Christmas music played in a K-Mart (and probably nationally) along with shoplifting deterrents, reminders to only smoke in the snack bar, and other things.

The music is fun and good. Song listing is down in the comments.

somafm department store christmas

SomaFM is running “A Department Store Christmas” this year. For me, this is the good stuff.

Last year, Brian and I listened to the K-Mart in-store Christmas Tapes from the Internet Archive. It was real good, too.

hot water 101

This is a net pic of a ham radio transceiver I had starting when I was in junior high.

Heathkit HW-101. It was nicknamed the “Hot Water 101” because it had 20 vacuum tubes in it which made heat roar out the top. It sucked a lot of ‘lectricity. I built it from a kit. It was known as a moderately shitty rig that had problems with having a drifty VFO (tuner).

I had my little “shack” in my parent’s unheated basement. On cold winter mornings, I could warm my hands on the top of the rig.

I’d get up at 5 AM on many school mornings (how many school kids did that?) so I could have a couple of hours on the radio before leaving. Sometimes it was dramatic: cold, still dark out, talking to other operators all over the world, some of which I got to know, including many in those “forbidden” countries, like the former USSR.

American teenager had a fondness for “forbidden” international friendships which translated well over to Internet decades later. Good hobby.

I also did a lot of “phone patching.” Phone calls could be piped through shortwave radio saving enormous, often prohibitive, international charges. Quality was low but tolerable. I often did this for military ships at sea (service people calling home), immigrants needing some audible love from back home, etc. Drama sometimes went through my radio: new baby, death in the family. I had to listen in to know when to transmit and receive. Parties on the line were instructed to say “over” whenever they wanted the other person to talk.

As an often dejected teenager, this gave me some value.

this means war

I’ve waited so late to start my war on Christmas this year.

Kicking it off with:

— yule bot
— cheese ball
— zombie Santa
— restroom at Macy’s