Monthly Archives: February 2022


I want one of those “Russian state-affiliated media” labels for my Twitter account.

I used to be on Radio Moscow’s mailing list (from shortwave radio). That should be good enough.

facebook frame

I made a Facebook frame with a selfie and the flag of Spain. The likes are rolling in.

I’m thinking nobody noticed it wasn’t that trending flag.

nationwide euphoria

I’ve never seen my paisanos so euphoric.

Everybody suddenly has a reason to live.


It’s happening every day.

When my favorite journos and sites get deplatformed, I can usually still get ’em by Telegram (messenger), RSS (feed), and direct e-mail.

A person gotta read.

veg sushi snack

Lunch snack tray. I eat seafood sometimes, but don’t like it in sushi, so I got the vegetarian. It’s a good tray.

All that shopping today, and I forgot the Bragg “soy sauce” which is yummy.

sparkling gay

Target’s gay agenda sparkling wine. I feel pressured. Boycott, BOYCOTT! lol

They shovin’ it down my throat again. Hmm!

easter candy

Welcoming the Easter candy. 🐰

all hope

I used to have this bumper sticker on the back of my pickup truck.

“I’m feeling much better since I gave up all hope”

The message still applies.

Picture of the bumper sticker on back window

rather status quo, jorge

I’ll be scrolling down my Twitter feed and see things that make me say, “what is this status quo government-line pro-war RUBBISH?

Then I’ll see it:

Dan Rather

Jorge Ramos

Oh yeah. forgot I follow those

la canción de guerra

Take comfort in The Boy (George).

Listen for the Spanish midway.