Monthly Archives: March 2019

made out like a bandit

I had the best luck at Target today. 🎯 I should go buy a lottery ticket.

I saw some socks and boxer briefs that I liked marked down twice on clearance. Nice brands and classy lookin’. The lowest clearance price was more than adequate, but I went to the scanner just to check. The scanned price was half of the lowest clearance price! I pulled my cart up and emptied the shelf. 😃

google plus to mewe import

MeWe imported 4516 posts of mine from Google Plus (G+). I think the other 982 were posts that were non-public.

I didn’t realize that I had so many. I do social media posting, in part, as therapy for myself. I guess I’ve needed a lot of therapy.

Screenshot_2019-03-25MeWe_importedposts Google Plus to MeWe post import

Screenshot_2019-03-25MeWe_importedposts Google Plus to MeWe post import

two years ago this week – got community ID’s

Two years ago this week, Brian and I spent the morning at First Presbyterian in Greensboro getting our community ID’s as part of the FaithAction ID initiative.

marg nap wakeup

I passed out in a 2-hour nap, then woke up craving a margarita. The margarita mix already has tequila in it. The extra bottle of tequila is because of margarita mix is not strong enough.

patches at the dentist – 1970’s

I was a little guy when I needed my first drilling at the dentist. Dental drills weren’t as good then, so it was scary.

The dentist saw me cringing and squirming in the chair. The song “Patches” came on at that moment on a radio he had nearby in the room. He reached over and turned it up loud and sang the lyrics even louder as he started to work.

It was so surreal and funny that I forgot about being scared.

“My papa was a great old man
I can see him with a shovel in his hand
See, education he never had
He did wonders when the times got bad
The little money from the crops he raised
Barely paid the bills we made…”

small dog snuggle club

Second weekend in a row. Another triple-dog-dare-ya sofa snuggle up. 🐶🐶🐶


finally, somebody cares about ME

Best scam call I have received to date. It makes me finally feel validated as I’ve been expecting the hammer to drop.

For the audio, use the google drive link below or the player at the bottom of the post.

The very second you receive this message. I want you to return the call as soon as possible as SSA has filed a lawsuit against your name the local County Sheriff are going to arrest you for for serious allegations before this matter goes to the courthouse and we freeze your bank account and suspend your social security number and get you arrested. For more information regarding this case. You can get that to us at 410-513-5354. I repeat 410-513-5354. Make sure you give us a call back before you get arrested.