Monthly Archives: October 2021

dog snuggleup


small dog club passout

Huge sofa passout with JJ.

so hungry

I’m trying to recover from something, but…

I’m down to skin and bones. He won’t bring me anything to eat. It’s like Joan Crawford in the wheelchair.

“But you are Blanche, you are in that chair!”

I just hope we don’t have rats in the cellar.

This is a cry for help. 😱

my last day with all original body parts

My final (stationary) bike ride today with all my original body parts. Tomorrow a hospital will install an artificial knee.

For the last few months, I can only walk about 100 meters without using things such as hiking poles. Even bike riding on the street has become difficult because I can no longer pull the hills. I switched to stationary.

This has been coming on for years, so here I go! I hear the surgery is “not that bad” but the recovery is long.

sofa passout with JJ

Gigantic sofa pass out with JJ last night after watching three episodes of Squid Game back to back.

illuminated nature preserve

2:10 a.m. in the Nature Preserve with illumination. 🌛

long drive in yucatan in 2007, nescafe at pemex

In another thread, we were talking about drinking instant Nescafé.

I remember a good one from 2007. Me having a Nescafé at a Pemex truck stop just after sunrise somewhere ‘tween Mérida and Palenque. Sleepy relaxed bliss while drinking it. The seven hours quoted by Google for the trip is very optimistic.

That was a big ‘ol long drive.


It’s the best I’ve had in a long time.

(Is somebody talking about me again?) 😁

dentist again

This is (the back of) my regular dentist. I’ve seen him for forty years. It has been great. Talented man.

He’s seventy. Can you believe it? I still feel in good hands.

He’s still practicing, though since Covid, he’s reduced operation to three days a week and now farms out some work, like root canals, to other practices.

He’s not ready to stop yet. The last time I was there, he said with a touch of humor, “I really don’t have anything else to do.”

Great legacy all the way including traveling with groups of other professionals to serve areas and people of high need.


I saw a female dentist yesterday, a “lady dentress.” lol. 😂

Only the second time in my life, but I’ve had the same male dentist for 40 years with only a short gap.

The gap was when Brian and I were in Arizona, I had one “lady dentress” and one California surfer boy dentist, suntanned with tats and piercings. That was exciting.

The term I used above I get from 1950’s, early 60’s TV, shows like What’s My Line, Andy Griffith. Lady Doctor, Lady Sheriff, Lady Druggist, etc. All female guests on What’s My Line got asked, “is it miss or Mrs?”

I don’t even say “actress” anymore. “Actor” covers it all.