Monthly Archives: February 2021

rendezvous for prime

That feeling when you stay up all night drinking and order so much from Amazon that it takes two vans to deliver it all on a Sunday. 😱

Actually, there’s nothing for us in those vans this time. It’s an Amazon rendezvous.

We see that in the neighborhood sometimes. Two of them get together and run freight back and forth.

pretty bug

Pretty little VW Beetle. 🐞

Some clues that it was produced during the later years: curved windshield and sealed beam headlights without a cover.

four seasons town centre greensboro

Brian and I went to the mall, first time since before Covid. We thought we would be alone in there, it was always pretty empty before, but today it was quite busy. Great sale at Dillard’s.

de nuevo

¿Qué hay de nuevo?

vladi stickers

This is a sticker set that I use on a certain messenger. For installing and using it, I was sent a small amount of Bitcoin and now have a timeshare in a dacha in Peredelkino near Moscow.

It pays to be an operative. I’m really liking it.

just one more thing columbo

I’m still in awe of this two-box DVD set I bought. 34 discs. Price was crazy good.

Television that I enjoyed from when I was a child all the way through adult. Love Peter Falk, plus so many great stars appeared in the series.

I’m currently doing about two sessions of it per week.

business park

As I was driving through the business park in Greensboro today that contains an Amazon fulfillment center, I was thinking, “there’s not a business out here that’s paying a cent in taxes.” Like so many of those parks, it had that look about it.

All buildings new, pristine. Not a one ever rented a shabby warehouse then worked up to something nicer.

I’ve seen many that were one-item companies that made such things as an anti-static wipe or a plastic injector pen. My guess is that they burn through the “incentives,” drain assets, then vanish.

But what do I know. Not a thing.

brian francis pretorius – my opera

The late My Opera Community friend and blogger Brian Francis Pretorius from South Africa. I miss him so much. He died a few years ago. Quite the marvelous friend.

After Opera Software killed off the online community, Brian and I moved to G+ (Google Plus) where we continued to have a good time. Then Google killed that off.

We continued on on Facebook, but the online fun was doomed. This WordPress has been kind of an archive.

I also archived my G+ activity on MeWe. MeWe is a closed community meaning you have to log in to see anything. These days I’m OK with that.

Brian Francis was fond of conventional telephone and used to call me a lot. I also called him. He was a heck of an ambassador for human beings.

wine to go

I didn’t know that Vito’s (Cornwallis/Golden Gate) had bottles of wine to go. There were bunches of these up front by the door for 10 bucks. 🍷

Olive Garden also has wine to go. I didn’t know these places did. Maybe everybody does.


It’s amazing how beautiful they are.

People travel great distances to look at this one.

There is a chemtrail branching off to the right. Government spraying.