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if you notice something, make a little note

Things like this are fascinating to me. There are a lot of public flight trackers available. A good one is mentioned in the article.

I remember during the rendition flights (I assume they’re still going on), people would spot a plane with strange markings at Miami, for example, and comment about it in a forum. Another person would post that they later saw it parked at London Heathrow. Etc. Curious eyes would track it around the globe.

This shows the potential power of just making notes of things that you see. You never know.

“Classic Air Charters — the same company used as part of the CIA’s black site rendition program during the Bush administration”, also flies ICE detainees with Covid all around the world.

Another one is called Swift Air. There are so many.

Those companies love to fly and it shows! There’s something special in the air.

Exporting COVID-19: ICE Air Conducted Deportation Flights to 11 LAC Countries, Flight Data Shows


Learning a little vocabulary today.

A lot of people know that “tengo hambre” means I’m hungry.

I was reading the news and saw the word “hambruna.” I thought betcha it’s a famine.

Haiti is heading towards one. 😬

being nice on facebook

I think with a couple of good posts, I could reduce my Facebook friends list by 50%. 😁

the old yellow peril


I am thankful for these people and this organization.


Margaret Kimberley’s Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR (Black Agenda Report).

“Facts are inconvenient here, because the United States gave China economic power with its deindustrialization schemes.”

“The dreadful Joe Biden campaign has nothing to say for itself and in a sign of desperation has joined the Trump campaign in using China as a target. ‘Trump rolled over for the Chinese,’ are the foolish words in a Biden campaign ad.”


THESE are the pros and cons of hitch hiking.

my earth day in 1970

I was in elementary school during the first Earth Day in 1970. I remember liking it a lot. I did my own little celebrations and things. I kept it quiet and covert because I didn’t feel like most people liked the things I did, anyway.

There were horse trails that went on for a long way through the woods near my house. They seemed endless. One of my celebrations was to go on extra long bike rides on trails that I had never been on before.

I invited some other neighborhood children to go with me on one of these rides. We were going deep on some unknown trails when suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of a huge field of marijuana. We all stopped and stared around in silence. One of the neighbor kids asked, “what should we do?”

I said, “I think we better get the hell out of here.” The last thing I wanted was to be spotted by the grower. We were too young to want any, so it just became our secret. 🌿

I like secrets.

nice firefox mobile update

A nice browser upgrade came through on Android yesterday. Firefox Beta (v. 75.0.0-beta.6) has a gorgeous interface.

Also beautiful: Firefox Preview and Vivaldi browsers. I like ’em.

All have sync, all are smooth-running. ♥️

Screenshot of Firefox Beta on Android
Screenshot of Firefox Beta on Android

When The Revolution Comes by Gaither Stewart

For me, this is a good story with references to Asheville, North Carolina, Gastonia, Loray Mill, exploitation, US South, labor movements, lots of things. There are plenty of links and references for further study.

My job frequently takes me to another plant beside the famous old Loray Mill in Gastonia. The mill is now loft apartments, what else is new, but I can still look at the building and think of all the things that happened there.

in both size and quality

Eight US intelligence groups assess that Bojangles’ salads beat Domino’s. This time you can count on it. 🥗

wine down

Taking the edge off with a zinfandel. 🍷

Me with a glass of wine
Brian with a glass of wine