Monthly Archives: January 2023

stupid tankie telegram reading list

Why would anyone have a FU’ed reading list such as this one? Some stupid hopeless tankie dope, I guess.

Telegram (messenger) is real good for pulling in a diverse crop-o-reading.

playing with the car radio on a business trip

Sometimes when driving for work, I’ll put something bizarre (for me) on the car radio for “intellectual” curiosity.

My weekend trip to Charlotte, I had Truth FM “Christian” radio playing. There is something even more toxic than usual about mixing this type religion with broadcasting.

On the trip down, it was about the tribulation, rapture, and demonic locusts and things. It could get quite dangerous when airplanes start crashing when some pilots suddenly vanish.

On the return trip home, the show was totally about empire worship, focusing on a certain country in the Middle East and it’s big friend.

Difficult listening.


Since to crepitate means to crackle, Neil Diamond’s 1970 hit song could have been named Crepitating Rosie.

joymongers bar

Sitting here like a couple of oafs.

(images are pics of spouse and I posing with cocktails)

english, russian, and american vodkas

I noticed the Smirnoff vodka bottles at the liquor store have “Made in America” on the labels. Is that to calm fears of buying something Russian during the phobias? Not my brand, anyway, but the label caught my eye.

I usually get Tanqueray vodka, English brand, mainly for the reason that I like the gin so much.

old AF supermarket discount

I saved $6.32 (5%) at Harris Teeter supermarket for being over 60 on a Thursday. 😱😂

It’s strange how they work that. It’s actually a pretty good discount for groceries.

Target’s “Red Card” discount is 5%, and I feel fortunate to get that.

no flipping off

I can no longer flip a bird with this hand. I miss it. 🐦

These is still dried blood at the base of the fingers. 🦇

the finger

With my newly reconfigured fingerprint on the index finger, I could get a job in safe cracking.

Today is the first time I changed the bandage and had a good look at it. Kinda creepy. Yesterday I was too freaked out at urgent care to look at it. You should have seen my blood pressure and pulse.

If it had been my middle finger instead, it would have been good for holding my arm outside the window while driving. 🖕

Follow up occurs on Monday.

just slicing up a few things

A quick fun story in pictures. I thought I’d slice up some apples for dehydration then go on a bike ride. Change of plans. Good thing I’m still off from work for awhile.

Home kitchen tools can be dangerous, especially cheap ones like that slicer.

In short, some shit’s gone under the bandage. It was a close call but didn’t do the ER. Urgent care got me evaluated, treated, and wrapped up well enough for followup tomorrow.

Nerve endings are waking up to the new configuration and are now on a rampage. Nice pain med putting them back to sleep. I feel woozy and good! lol. Trying to clean up the mess I left in the house now. Lot of it dripped all. over.

Pic 1: the apple corer works extremely well.

Pic 2: starting thin apple slices on the mandoline slicer. Good thing I didn’t have it set to julienne.

Pic 3: view of hospital from urgent care center.

Pic 4: bleeding stopped. Followup care tomorrow.

birthday cake when i was 4

I think I must have been four once.