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wrist soviet

That’s a sexy AF wrist. Wanna lick it?

olive garden

Sometimes people ridicule Olive Garden, but I love ’em.

Not authentic? IDGAF.

Slightly exotic, slightly elegant, low price.

I lived off of their takeout all through lockdown summer when I was working away from home. World’s best service.


Things have gotten so veiny. WTF.

I guess I’m ready for vampire harvesting. 🧛‍♂️

lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse from special vantage point.


Snack for the tomato obsessed.

pineapple corer

I like fresh pineapple but won’t cut one up with a knife due to fear of slipping and cutting myself.

I didn’t know such a tool as a pineapple corer existed until somebody at work told me. It arrived today. Now, I need a whole pineapple. 🍍

Made in China. Hell yeah!

stocking up on the necessities

We currently have slightly more than a gallon (4.25 liters) of amaretto over here.

We decided to lay in a supply in case there’s a shortage of this important “formula.”

cheezette burn

Cheez-It. I’ve had to stop eating them. Like that gas station (Speedway) coffee I had the other day, these turn my stomach into a flaming cauldron of acid. 🔥

Pretty soon I’m going to be down to matzo crackers and apple juice.

sin sabor

Absolutely zero flavor. I don’t know how they did it.

the fruit in denny’s

Denny’s in Battleboro, North Carolina.

Denny’s has always had an adorable menu, but it’s especially cute now with their social media influencers.

Mind-blowingly good breakfast. Look at that fruit cup.

Denny’s always reminds me of a wonderful experience I had in one in Guadalajara, Mexico, early 1980s

I was still closeted, sad, and afraid of everything. Pre-Internet, it wasn’t easy to find out things. I was heading home and was eating alone in downtown Guadalajara Denny’s late on a weekend night.

A table of nice looking guys kept looking over at me. One of them finally said, “are you going to come over here and sit with us, or what?” They took me to a series of fabulous nightclubs that weekend, in effect, yanking me out of the closet. It really turned my life around.

39 years later and I still know some of the guys from that table and their families. ❤️