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let’s play The Feud

Brian and I often enjoy Family Feud (TV show) while relaxing over dinner. It’s fun to shout out our own answers, sometimes quite vulgar ones. “Penis” fits with about anything.

A good question from the last show we watched:

We asked a hundred men, “what language would you like to secretly learn in 30 days to impress your spouse?”

I shouted out, “Urdu, Swahili, Navajo, Sign, Esperanto”.

The contestants played it safe with French and Spanish. You gotta try to win that Ford. 🚗 💰

hungry howie’s so proud of data cleverness

Hungry Howie’s Pizza bought a mailing list based on Brian’s date of birth. That doesn’t make me want the product, it gives me the creeps.

It’s better not to brag that you can buy and know so much. Just because it’s for sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

Hungry Howie's birthday card offer data mining image

Hungry Howie’s birthday card offer data mining


but you are, blanche. you are in that chair!

Baby Jane Hudson be my guide.

Dilemma in the supermarket

A supermarket dilemma I faced a while back.

Some nifty little frozen dinners I like were labeled $0.50 off. When I got to the checkout, I found out the total price was ringing up as $0.50. Normally they were almost $5. What to do? 😈

I want some of these

bribes, kompromat, blackmail, Ukrainian escort honeypots—you know, the works.

cozy night

A cozy night watching sleet come down outside, sipping a coffee, and cuddling with a dog.


If I could make a wish
I think I’d pass
Can’t think of anythin’ I need