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jitterbug ad

Jitterbug granny is drunk off her ass. 🍸


Desperate for a shot and the ‘Bux is closed.


Acorn squash seeds ready for roasting.

For other things, the slow cookers are locked and loaded.


Gimnasio de Terrapin Station 🐢

cereal cena

When I don’t feel up to regular dinner, just a cup of cereal will do, but it’s got to be big and it’s got to be a mixture.

Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Grape Nuts.

Squeeze of honey, fill it with soy.


Doctor: do you need a refill on your pain med?

Me: yeah, could use one more.

Doctor: something lighter?

Me: no

Doctor: stronger??? 🤔

Me: whatcha got? 😀

Doctor: I’ll send in one more of the same.

Me: alright. 😐


Hi-tech lunch. 🥪

lentes nuevos

New high-tech bifocals. 🤓

dog tag

I saw this, today. Nice, but there’s no need to keep one in that condition. You just tell the state it’s worn out and they print you another one.


they’re just biscuits

The “detonator-tube” Pillsbury Southern Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits we had yesterday were so sugared up that each one was like having dessert.

I bought it for the fun of popping the tube. They used to scare me as a child. Boom!

Reminds me of eating at Zaxby’s. Everything sugared up, creamy, mayonnaisey, bread dyed a peculiar yellow to look “wheat.” Nasty. Little salads served on giant heavy plates with huge rims so you feel like you’re getting something.

Last summer while having to live off takeout while on the road for work, best drive-thru salad award from me went to Bojangles. Big salad, good price.

The funniest place I went last summer was Little Caesars 100% contactless pickup. Order and pay online. Go to your selected location. Punch in a code from e-mail. Bzzzt! A little hatch opened up and there was your pizza. Was kinda surreal and funny.