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exotic lunch

Tomato sandwich with exotic side dish that I poured out of the bag all by myself.

spam calls

AT&T, Spectrum, and DirecTV ought to be shot off the face of the Earth for having a business model that supports sign-ups by spam call.

The telcos were supposed to do something about it by July, but it’s worse.

A spoof CallerID I got today was “Lab Corp.” Last week I got one that said “Sentara” (a hospital chain). Both of those you might have a real need to talk to if you were involved.

While at it, block India from the world telephone system for running the sleazy back-end call centers.

funny surreal

I saw a doctor today to be evaluated for a procedure. He said, “You will do well. You’re still young and have good muscle tone.”

I thought to myself, “muscle tone, really? Can I trust a doctor that says such a thing?” lol

It reminds me of decades ago when somebody said to me, “you’re really hot!”

I turned and looked deeply into his eyes… to see how cloudy the lenses were. 😂

cereal concoction

A rare luxurious Monday off due to a cancellation, so I’m enjoying a favorite concoction, a mixture of Rice Krispies, Cheerios, and Grape Nuts.

vivaldi and cnn

Totally a feature not a bug. Add MSNBC and we’re cooking with gas.

a little fragrance in the air

During my clubbing years, mostly 1980s, it was fun to put on a little cologne before going out.

There was one horrible one back then called Giorgio that came in a yellow and red awful-looking box. It was the only cologne that would actually make my sinuses crack if I got a nose full of it. I could hardly stand to go in and out of Belk at the mall because of their fragrance counter promoting it.

The people who wore it sure put on a lot of it. It often went along with the type of person who would tie their shirt in a knot just above their navel. lol. Sometimes we’d say things like, “look at that fag, gotta be from Asheboro.” Like I was some kind of upscale piece to say something like that.

I usually wore the Calvin Kleins, the CK’s.

Somebody gave me an Avon Wild Country Sampler one time. I put it on thinking how bad could it be. Had to get right back in the shower before going out.

Right now my favorite is Bleu de Chanel.

‘nother breakfast

One last luxury breakfast in Charlotte before working a shift then going home.

It’s Morazán restaurant on Archdale Road. Totally clase mundial (world class).

very free

“If you use a self checkout, you’re working for the store for free. FOR FREE!”

When my grandparents were young, entire stores weren’t self service. You didn’t get your own groceries inside the store.

When I was a teenager, you didn’t pump your own fuel.

So if you pump gas or buy groceries, you’re working for free. FOR FREE!

a return to moral leadership, oh boy!

“Today we celebrate a return to moral leadership and our nation’s commitment to welcome and generosity.”

This is part of the reason I’ve lost interest in NGO’s, especially ones that are BBB accredited and Charity Navigator approved.

CWS (Church World Service) is thrilled with this crumbs-from-the-table proposal. Nothing has even happened yet. Democrat vaporous proposals are quite common.

At least Haitians got a tacked-on sorry-sorry-sorry mention at the end.


breakfast in america

Breakfast in America 🗽

Take the Long Way Home