Monthly Archives: September 2021

very free

“If you use a self checkout, you’re working for the store for free. FOR FREE!”

When my grandparents were young, entire stores weren’t self service. You didn’t get your own groceries inside the store.

When I was a teenager, you didn’t pump your own fuel.

So if you pump gas or buy groceries, you’re working for free. FOR FREE!

a return to moral leadership, oh boy!

“Today we celebrate a return to moral leadership and our nation’s commitment to welcome and generosity.”

This is part of the reason I’ve lost interest in NGO’s, especially ones that are BBB accredited and Charity Navigator approved.

CWS (Church World Service) is thrilled with this crumbs-from-the-table proposal. Nothing has even happened yet. Democrat vaporous proposals are quite common.

At least Haitians got a tacked-on sorry-sorry-sorry mention at the end.


breakfast in america

Breakfast in America 🗽

Take the Long Way Home

vino – barba de papá

A goofish wine for tonight for the Nature Preserve. The label sold it. Got it at the Food Lion. lol

Pairing it with some unlikely bossa nova.

beers again

Beer at Vito’s. 🍻

Brian and I hiding behind the beer glasses.

at the doctor

Hanging (on the wall) in the sports medicine doctor’s office.

Cancel that Cialis prescription, doctor, I think I’m cured!

it’s my party and i’ll donate if i want to

Leading up to elections 2016 and 2020, every time somebody I knew said shit about my political party, I’d turn around and make a donation to that party. It got freakin’ expensive. 👍

san francisco love

Sometimes music can redirect one from heading into a mental funk.

This brought on an immediate righting of the ship.

15 nice remixes of San Francisco Love by Royal Sapien. The CPM Edit is my favorite. I heard it on SomaFM, then found the 15 remixes on Deezer, both great sources of music. Youtube probably has some.

San Francisco was a beacon of hope and love for me when I was a teenager through twenties. I think much of that has drained away from that city, but I can think about those old feelings.

lucky lottery coin

My lucky lottery coin from the NC Lottery that I got yesterday at the NC Folk Festival. It worked. I bought a $10 scratch-off which qualified me for a spin of the wheel (a la Price is Right). I won $50. 💰

poster on greene street

Somebody’s washroom is breeding Bolsheviks again. 🧻🧼

And thar it was. Right out there on Greene Street. 😲

I’ve slapped things on traffic signal boxes before, but this one’s not mine.