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I’m not much of a conventional church goer. I guard my beliefs rather closely but slightly hint about them sometimes.

With that said, especially in Latin America, I enjoy going into huge cathedrals, walking around quietly, and having a seat for awhile to meditate and soak in the atmosphere. Feel the whirl of time and history.

In spite of being contrarian, if somebody invites me to church, I usually go, unless I know ahead of time that’s it’s nuts in there. I can have a pretty good time anywhere for an hour or so.

that time I crossed paths with a roamin catholic

2010, Columbia, South Carolina. Clever.

bah humbug

It galls me to think about when I watched a recent video from the leader of my religious denomination where she breathlessly said that the last election was the most transparent, free, and fair in history, and that love won.

It definitely reduces my trust in leadership.

door visitors

It hasn’t happened in a long time, but I usually enjoy when people come to the door promoting their church. I like a quick polite chat, take their literature, then call it done. All the while in the back of my mind I keep thinking, “you know you don’t want these two old fags stomping around in your church.” 😁

Well, some churches actually do want that, but I think the default is “rather not.”

I’ve actually been surprised a lot lately at the inclusiveness of some of them. I tread with care because it’s hard to get over the many injuries over the years.

pie in the sky when you die

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those roamin catholics

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i’m from north carolina and i never voted for jesse helms

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