clubba roo on saturday night

Image #1: Waiting my turn to get another Tanqueray and tonic.

Image #2: Maybe I've had one too many!

Image #3: Musculoso y dreadlockeado, también es amigable.

Image #4: Usual freak-a-zoida.

3 responses to “clubba roo on saturday night

  1. After a long week, including a stay at the Bates Patel Hotel, you deserve an evening of leisure.Those two fives remind me of when my bestie and I went for brunch on New Years Day. Your post of the Bloody Mary that you bought your mom a while back had me wanting one since. I shit a brick when the tab came for that one drink. $US8.00 for a drink the size of an 8 oz. (237 ml) water glass! I had no idea drinks were so expensive.I'm curious as to the day job of the lady in red.

  2. Oh yeah, cocktails can be crazy high. The Bloody Mary mentioned in your comment link I think was $8, but it's a big one and very well made.The Tanqueray and tonics last night were $6 each. I find that low. The club has historically had low bar prices though a cover must be paid to get in.I find that hotel bars can charge the most. Sheratons and Hiltons look for ways to make your jaw drop.As seldom as I now go clubbing, I almost don't care how much things are. If I were regular there, it would be a different story.Same for seeing a movie. The 1x time a year, or less, I go to the cinema, I'll pay the $9 ticket and $15 for a jumbo popcorn and soda. I'll only pay those prices for the two nicest theaters in town because they are crazy luxiourous and I almost never go.

  3. Health !! :beer:

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