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bus bathroom – mexico – 1988

My brother and I took an overnight bus from Guadalajara to Mexico City about 1988. First-class busses are nice, but the ride is long and tiring.

About dawn there was still some time left before getting into Mexico City, so I thought, and I had to go to the bathroom. A real session. Sitting.

I always travel with my own roll of TP, so I was set.

I got in there, and the translucent glass with a view to the outside had been replaced with clear. Weird, but no problem as we were still out in the country.

As I got going, suddenly we were in multi-lane slow-moving Mexico City traffic with many vehicles as high as the bathroom window, and then some.

Oh well, I’d never see any of them again. I imagined the other drivers thinking, “look at that white gringo ass pressed against that window.”


another rented vw

Two more VW pics from Mexico. I don’t remember the year. Maybe 2001 or before. It was before we started using digital cameras.

monedas – coins

One es different in a way than the others.


One of the many things I like about Mexico’s culture is that it’s quite open and sociable.

In my early 20’s (1980’s), I found that a nice way to get language practice and meet people was to buy a local paper and sit in the main plaza reading it. It wouldn’t take long until somebody would walk by and ask, “you can read that?”

Me: “well, some of it.”

A big ol’ chat would start up. I loved it.

If you grab a bench in those plazas, somebody is going to stop by to engage. It’s a given. I made my heart good and glad to be alive. ❤️

There are a few I met that way I continued to know for years.

cantinflas retrato

Cantinflas ❤️

Mexico Restaurant. West Market Street. Greensboro

jesus’ hospital in cdmx

I was looking around Mexico City on Google Maps and ran across this.
Jesus’ Hospital / Hospital de Jesus.
Plus, a CicloTaxi!
I’m always finding something to look at in CDMX and GDL.
You, too, can visit Jesus’ Hospital today with the link.

long drive in yucatan in 2007, nescafe at pemex

In another thread, we were talking about drinking instant Nescafé.

I remember a good one from 2007. Me having a Nescafé at a Pemex truck stop just after sunrise somewhere ‘tween Mérida and Palenque. Sleepy relaxed bliss while drinking it. The seven hours quoted by Google for the trip is very optimistic.

That was a big ‘ol long drive.

mariachi / opera

It’s funny waking up hearing Plácido Domingo singing Mariachi. Mariachi often sounds like Opera to me, so I think it’s not odd. 🎶 🇲🇽 🇪🇸


The picture of the tanker truck: so many times I have wished the liquor store had a larger size!

The picture of the agave fields: we were way out from everything and there was 4G LTE out there.

9 July 2015, Brian and I took a day tour from Guadalajara to the city of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.

We toured a Cuervo historical factory and were treated to some complimentary samples.

I ❤️ Mexico with all my heart.

arizona-sonora border crossing in the early 90s

From ’92 to ’94, Brian and I lived in Tempe, Arizona. Sometimes we liked an adventure drive (about three hours) to the US/Mexico border to eat and go shopping. The scenery was beautiful, and the drive was partly through Native American lands, about which I had curiosity.

We usually went to Lukeville, AZ/Sonoyta, Sonora. The border crossing back and forth was easy, I suspect because we presented a certain “appearance,” plus the real checkpoints were set back a ways on both sides of the border. We would park on the US side and just walk over, though one time we just drove the car, no problem. The divided cities were a sort of a free zone.

Both the US and Mexican sides were sleepy, just a few agents outdoors on stools asking an occasional question of the passersby. We crossed over with a friend from Germany one time, and on the way back into the US, the customs agent said, “Hey Germany, I just need to see your ID.” We were startled that the agent knew.

We’d eat, shop, then head back to Tempe. I bought this objet d’art (obra de arte) on one of those border trips. It still hangs on a wall in our house after all these years.

In spite of the relaxed sleepiness of this small border crossing, we heard stories that if you gave a ride to someone into Arizona, somehow “they” knew, and all hell would break loose.