hunger games

It looks like everybody is hungry.

Ebony, the black one on the left, still has her blue donut on due to a head scrape. Looks a little funny.

fun cd/dvd shopping

I love shopping at CD Universe. I’ve been a customer there since forever. I can almost feel a sense of humor in their email subscriptions.

A few years ago, I got this great movie from there that was filmed right outside the Vatican. lol. It was a real humdinger. 😁

amazon price check fail

I just wanted to check a price, but Amazon doesn’t like my IP address (I’m on a VPN), so the progress bar goes halfway across then stops. Next image, it fails. The web server won’t serve.

Fine. What I want is cheaper over at CD Universe anyway, and they won’t give a damn about a VPN. I’ve only been shopping with them since the dawn of the Internet.

CD Universe conveniently has “adult,” too. 😉

contextless qotd

My contextless quote of the day:

He hangs onto those children all the time as some kind of desperate proof that he’s not homosexual.

hear dem bells, 78 rpm

The things that The Internet Archive have are mind blowing. I have this 78 RPM record in my garage somewhere. It was a favorite of mine when I was a child. I enjoyed singing along.

This actually predates my parents a bit, so it was probably my grandparents, possibly great grandparents.

when I was briefly named tim

I like this thread on Reddit. What is the pettiest reason you refused to date someone?

I guess it was the weirdest reason, not really the pettiest, but I was the receiver.

He was the sweetest thing, I really liked him, but strangely he started calling me Tim, the wrong name. I let it go a few times, then with each recurrence, it was getting harder and harder to bring it up that he was using the wrong name, so I just let it go. I finally determined that I really liked him calling me Tim. It made me feel special.

Then he called me by that name in front of a group of my friends, and of course they all had to jump in and correct him.

He was so embarrassed that he never spoke to me again. Just broke my heart. 💔

gorging on food while zooming

Zoom loveliness.

I was doing a social Zoom on Sunday for a certain organization. It always bothers me when people eat during a Zoom meeting, especially if they have the camera inches from their face, but there’s nothing I can do about it except whine online.

One of the participants ate a Jethro bowl of cereal (the term comes from an old TV series where the character Jethro ate so much breakfast cereal that he put it in a large mixing bowl.)

She gorged on that cereal with the camera right up on her face, then she picked up the bowl and drank what was left of the milk, then she gagged on the milk.

I thought about injecting some levity by saying, “I know how it is to gag like hell on something like that.” 😆

There are quite a few that don’t have any self-awareness during a Zoom.

solid state digimatic

I’m always noticing peripheral things.

While watching a 1972 episode of the TV series Columbo, I saw this “Solid State Digimatic” on a nightstand. That would mean it’s a Sony, but the name is not visible on the plastic front due to the camera.

It’s an AM/FM number-flipping clock radio. I loved those things and thought they were swank. The design is elegant.

To the right of the minutes, there was a colored flywheel so you could be sure it was running.

ebony is home

Our Small Dog Club added a new member today.

Some friends notified us that a local rescue had an elderly dog that needed a home, so now we have Ebony. She came home with us today. 💗

She’s an oldie, maybe 15. She’s settling into her new home and feeling loved.

We’ve had practice with geriatric dogs and feel like we can help her have some nice golden years.

She will get a lot of love, good food, medical care, and a great human and dog family.

Ebony has to wear a donut for a little while because of a scrape on her head.


Dates! Product of Iran.