bah humbug

It galls me to think about when I watched a recent video from the leader of my religious denomination where she breathlessly said that the last election was the most transparent, free, and fair in history, and that love won.

It definitely reduces my trust in leadership.

se fue la luz

Power is off. ⚡

I keep thinking of things to do, then right after I remember that I can’t because they require electricity.

— mow yard. Nope. Mower is electric.

— vacuum. Nope.

— laundry is stopped in the machines.

— take shower. Nope, because I bought that stupid hot water on demand backpack water heater. Even though it runs on natural gas, it requires power for the relays, ignition and things. I hate that thing.

something snapped, we all do

The heavy artillery has arrived.

This morning, a utility pole snapped, we think from old age, strowing utility lines all over the place.

Electricity stayed on the entire time until this truck showed up, now it’s off.

I’m thinking that it’s poor maintenance. We’ve had utility lines nearly down on the ground for long periods of time, and nobody will come for them. Utility lines now run through thick trees and vegetation that used to be trimmed back.

1977 thunder island

Thunder Island – Jay Ferguson (1977)

Just came on the net stream.

It was one of the many hot AF summer songs on FM radio, often heard in a sweltering car because the air conditioning was always broken.

“Sha la la la la la my lady
In the sun with your hair undone”

Of course I was always mentally rearranging lyrics and fantasies to match my needs. lol

stripe toothpaste

One of the fun things about visiting my grandmother when I was a child was that she would have a tube of Stripe toothpaste waiting for us. It made brushing fun.

Maybe it was the “active concentration of Hexachlorophene” in it that made me gay. So, it was her fault!

my disinformation techniques

Like that of the Internet Research Agency, I think my influence has been inflated.

how not to tow a trailer

This is a good one. Boat on top. Extremely heavily loaded. Tilts to the right more than the pic reveals. Generator and propane cylinders mounted on back bumper. Back bumper was flexing up and down nearly a foot and propane bottle was about to fall off.

I think it was also badly loaded in addition to being heavy. It kept running off to the right and swaying.

Danger. DANGER!

family and politics

I was hanging out with my aunt the other day. We had time to dabble in the political and in several major issues. I think we both had a general previous take on each other, but neither of us is the type to come right out with things with family.

I was pleased by the number of similar points of view we have on things. I’d still love her and think she was great even if there was little to no agreement, but it’s nice that it went the way it did.

Notice this post reveals nothing about politics or issues. đź–• I do that somewharrr else.

waffle in trauma

I don’t remember if I mentioned this one before.

I stopped by a Waffle House one morning a few weeks ago. The cook was sitting on the walkway out front having a cigarette. He was greeting each inbound customer-to-be.

He looked a bit stressed as he told me that everybody had walked out and that he wasn’t going to run the place by himself. He braced a bit as he waited for yet another smart-ass reply that morning. I’m sure he had gotten many. I told him that I felt for what was happening and that I hoped it got better. “Have a good one.” “You, too.” Then, I left.

I don’t know why he was hanging around. None of my business, I guess. No need to be rude to someone for telling it like it is.

jawja bux

Quick breakfast in Jawja (Georgia). Now I can drive home.