fat tires

Fat Tire on tap. 🍻

pride 1991 carrboro nc

Danger! Do not attempt at home.

Pride Carrboro 1991.

Me center.
Allen O’Briant on right with fan.
Colin Skinley on left shirt open.

old sunglasses

I found some old sunglasses in a drawer tonight. I realized they were the same ones I wore to Pride in Carrboro in 1991 (30 years ago). I probably bought them about 1986, so maybe they are 35 years old. They are now back in service.


Lowe’s is in on it.

bumper sticker

I feel talked about.

label peeler

I’m on a mission to successfully peel a label off of a plastic item. It can take a long time.

sunday beer again

Lot of the gay in M’Coul’s today, us and many others, lol. It’s kinda the de facto. I used to call Geeksboro “the de facto” before it closed.

Of the official ones, Twist is nice, can’t stand Chemistry.

Modern Talking (screenshot) came on the sound system in M’Coul’s while we were there. It was a big Euro favorite 1980s. I’ve only heard them in the USA like twice.

dog in a bag

Dog in a bag. Her name is Ebony, our latest elderly adoptee.

We’re practicing with her in a bag to see if this might work.

news quadra

Where we went to eat tonight has a nice bar in the back, so we ate at the bar. There are televisions.

One TV had on something called NewsMix, the screen divided into quadrants with the following grand four: CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and BBC.

I had a blocked view of Fox and BBC. CNN spent most of the time on the Federal overturn of the California assault weapons ban with a brief break for Putin. MSNBC had Trump and Trump related on the entire visit. You’d think he was still President.

jumbo marg rocks x2

Jumbo Marg rocks for two.