There’s a main-line denomination church over in high point where Brian has played a few times and we know the minister. I was over there last September for a drive-up ice cream party they had. The minister was chatting with me and asked, “are you and Brian doing okay during Covid.”

When I replied “yes, okay for now thanks,” he said, “if you ever need anything, let us know. You don’t have to be a member here.”

I thought that was generous AF.  ♥️ I think about that moment frequently.

joy of soma fm

The joy of radio stream.


Space Station Soma from [SomaFM]

Ambient Space

Zen Mechanics – A New Philosophy


“Just one more thing”

OMG yes. Columbo Complete DVD set. It just arrived yesterday.

34 discs, nearly 100 hours. I like it.

Growing up hiding in my room from my family, Columbo, especially the NBC Mystery Movie series including Columbo, was good company on a GE black and white portable TV.

This DVD set has coverage from 1968 through 2003.


It takes me so long to get into these that I don’t wear them that often and tend to leave them on all day when I do. I usually get at least one leg cramp trying to shove my feet down into them.

coffee equip

A couple of pieces of my coffee making equipment. The bean grinder is new. I had been wanting one for quite a while.

I usually finish everything off in an AeroPress or a French press.


Felt like a treat before heading out to dinner.


I think we’re supposed to start turning people in for things pretty soon.


I would really enjoy having this. It’s much more than I want to pay. It’s bigger than it looks in the picture. Quite large.


I saw this in an antique store today. What a beauty.

Hohner Verdi II M.


I’m not particularly a Parler fan, but I sometimes visit sites of which I am not to get viewpoints and experience an alternative environment. Silicon Valley’s desire and power to destroy Parler is alarming.

Many I know cheered the removal of Parler from the net by spreading false information as justification, often by citing half-truth articles two to three times removed from source. Few of my contacts on Facebook vet anything, especially if they are the ones posting all day.

Some of the same people have criticized MeWe, one by saying that it is owned by evangelicals. It’s not, but my response would be, “I don’t care. I want to know how they operate it.”

Parler is down. What’s next? Telegram? MeWe?