aoc and railroad trax – omg!

meme of AOC doing their border theatre anguish pose over empty railroad tracks.

church gig then beer communion

I went to the church gig where my spouse performed today.

The other pics are our private beer communion later on in the day. Usually at this Mexican restaurant I have a Dos Equis draft, but today I had a Modelo. It didn’t appeal. It had a mildly nasty Schlitz flavor to it. It sure made me feel drunk, though. Maybe that’s the appeal.


Many of my friends in those “sensitive” countries insist on using WhatsApp, and I won’t do it.

Y’all need to buck up over there. 😆

I don’t want that Hoover on my mobile even though they’re all Hoovers.

No offense if you use WhatsApp. It’s popular AF. I’m just grinding my little ol’ ax.

do a shot

Nearly midnight, and I’m thinking about pouring a shot (of liquor) down my throat.


Candy. BowWowWow

driving a bike around in a car

Driving a bike out in a car to go ride on it. lol.

That’s the way it’s gotta be with me. I’m phobic of heavy car traffic. My fear level becomes unbearable.

Got a whole bike stuffed in the back of that car. I have a full-size one that stayed at home this time.

that usa to cuba cable

A Cuban friend expressing some rage (quoted below) at the USDOJ moving to block an undersea telecommunications cable from USA to Cuba.

I agree.

A previous POTUS flippantly promised one during a visit years ago. “I’ll have Verizon drop a cable.” Pffft. I didn’t know Verizon took orders from the President. Probably, it’s the other way around.


“And from these people is already madness, frenetic and tireless hatred.”

Y lo de esta gente ya es locura, odio frenético e incansable.

special statue in havana cuba

A “special” statue in Havana, Cuba, from our trip in 2005. You see it?

Most people who live there walk right by, but even some of them will look and smile, especially when they see tourists going at it. It’s a mandatory photo op.


A decision needs to be made. 😬

Doesn’t matter, really, Both will be eventually consumed.

sigh, status quo stream

On another network, a full stream from a user of the most status quo hole-in-the-head propaganda direct from the corporate “mighty Wurlitzer.” I look at the profile, and it says #antifascist #revolutionary #anarchist #contrarian .

It’s so often this way.