la guerra fria

The Cold War lives on to this day with renewed enthusiasm. I like citizen diplomacy. I had a Ham Radio station and license all through high school (1970’s). I had many radio friends in the USSR.

The Johnny Carson interview in this is tops. This reminds me of my 6th grade class (about 1970). Cold War was running hot. A student asked, “Teacher, why do the Russians want to kill us?” She replied, “They don’t. Some child like you there is asking the same thing about us right now.”


In 1982, a 10-year-old American wrote to the head of the U.S.S.R. He wrote back and she became our youngest diplomat.

ready for the big snowfall

Ready for the big snowfall. ❄️🏂

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one day in cdmx

A fond memory from about 1985. My danged stories.

I sometimes visited a friend in Mexico City. One day he took my by his grandmother’s place. My friend said he had to run out for a minute, so he left me there with her. He ended up being gone for four hours.

The elderly grandmother spoke little to no English, so it was a big language “workout” for me. She got out boxes of old photos that we looked at together for hours while she talked about them. I love looking at old pictures (even online to this day). She made snacks and tea. I smoked back in them thar days, and she’d come out on the patio to continue chatting while I sucked on my cigs. It was just luxurious: smokes, tea, snacks, and chat on a beautiful patio in Mexico City.

My friend came back and apologized profusely for the long absence which he said was unplanned and unavoidable. I told him that the time was wonderful and that I’d probably remember it forever. My Spanish vocabulary grew a ton because of his grandmother. Recalling that good time today.

I was highly oriented to clubbing in Mexico City back then, but sometimes it was OK to do other things.

relaxing pub

Drinking at our favorite place.


M’Coul’s Public House
Location: geo:36.068787,-79.79111?z=17

pack ride

Five-dog pack loaded in the truck ready for a ride. It’s a happy time for everybody.


too hard to check it, just go on faith

A common tactic if you’re trying to prove something that’s not real is to pad it up with so many references and citations that no one can decipher them all. You have to take it on faith. Well, there are so many, it must be true!


Brian and I having a beer at Geeksboro Battle Pub, Greensboro, North Carolina.