be sure to send off for yours

The government gave me four free guppies for my aquarium. 🐠

young ‘un

Me age 16. I had to ride all the way across the country and back in the car with my parents without having a single cigarette. 🤣

smalldogclub expenses

In 6 months, a 30 lb (13.6 kg) bag of Wellness dry dog food has increased by $20 ($39 to $59). Lot of ’em like that. #smalldogclub members chow it down.

tater tracker

For just a second I saw this as “Tater Cracker” and thought “well, this is going to be fun.”

the big twitter accounts

I think something happens to people when they get more than a couple of thousand followers, unless they are a known journalist, author, news org, etc.

The hand waving starts about reaching follower milestones. “C’mon people, just 400 more and I’ll have 10K.”

At that point, I suspect that the “worth it” factor starts to drop a lot, and I lose interest and often unfollow.

OK, delete Twitter, but with caution, it can be one of many useful tools.

please ready the horses

In Dark Shadows movie (2012), Barnabas Collins (vampire) is back with the Collins family again after being locked in his coffin for 200 years.

They need to go somewhere.

Barnabas asks Elizabeth Collins, “can we ready the horses?”

Elizabeth: “we don’t have horses anymore, we have a Chevy.”

Loved it!



— Sasquatch in yard
— iced Fiat
— selfies

cold weather sofa passout

Another amazing sofa passout.

on hiding at home


enterprise sighting

Oh, hell yeah!