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chilaquiles and coffee

Chilaquiles and coffee for breakfast in Charlotte. It will be the highlight of my week, maybe the whole month.

OMG, this plate is insane!

church basement

For a moment, I was down in the basement of the church where I visited today for music reasons. I found a pool table, ping-pong, foosball, and a nearby refrigerator for my beer!

me? in church?

I have sneaked into the Presbyterian sanctuary for the pre-service warmup and service.

They have real Bibles in here and everything. 😆

Organ sounding good. So far I have not burst into flames. 😂

My spouse is playing clarinet here today.

democrat angst candy

It doesn’t bother me because I haven’t revolved my life around it for the last six to eight years.

old ussr straight key


It’s an old USSR military straight key. It’s supposed to be bolted to a table and hooked to a radio, not held in the hand. 📡

video link of key in action

margaret kimberley

Margaret Kimberley ❤️

everybody is under the spell

At Pride on Sunday, I ran into this kinda sorta radical freethinker group.

I was thinking their email list would be a lot of fun, so I came home and subscribed. The very first one I received was a link to some typical empire propaganda piece in the New York Times. Immediate unsubscribe.

So disappointed. This shit is sick.

sweet tea

When I eat at places where I can fill my own iced tea, I fill it all the way up with unsweet and put one splash of sweet on top.

That one little splash of sweet makes the entire tea almost too sweet to drink. I can’t imagine filling it up with all sweet. My pancreas would probably jump out of my body.

the rubbers

At Greensboro Pride, Cone Health gave us some condoms, lube, and a drink koozie. They even offered PrEP.

What, am I 19 again? j/k

No, I’m not joking about condoms. Those things saved a lot of lives in the deadly 80’s, though I lost many of my friends anyway. PeEP did not exist then. If you got AIDS, you could be dead from within a few weeks to some months. A few made it for a few years.

Many places, especially the nightclubs, had fishbowls full of condoms all for free.


Do I need to go over anything in the picture? lol