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truffle oil chips

I have not heard of this flavor before, so I bought a package to try. Delicious.

I almost got the dill pickle.

wedding site

I was looking at a wedding website. Deep rich meanings read into everything. I couldn’t help but grimace.

I was unprepared for the “sign up for our newsletter” and the online ordering from the registry.

The more people you invite, the more stuff you get.

Break up, now! lol

a memory of a friend

Thinking of a good friend who recently passed.

She was talking to me in the church lobby about a movie she saw at the cinema the day before. She picked it out without knowing anything about it and was disappointed that it turned out to be a musical.

“Why do they have to sing everything when they can just say it?”

From across the lobby came a voice:

“Why just say everything when you can sing it?”

Fond of this quirky memory of a nice friend.

bus bathroom – mexico – 1988

My brother and I took an overnight bus from Guadalajara to Mexico City about 1988. First-class busses are nice, but the ride is long and tiring.

About dawn there was still some time left before getting into Mexico City, so I thought, and I had to go to the bathroom. A real session. Sitting.

I always travel with my own roll of TP, so I was set.

I got in there, and the translucent glass with a view to the outside had been replaced with clear. Weird, but no problem as we were still out in the country.

As I got going, suddenly we were in multi-lane slow-moving Mexico City traffic with many vehicles as high as the bathroom window, and then some.

Oh well, I’d never see any of them again. I imagined the other drivers thinking, “look at that white gringo ass pressed against that window.”


new usps mariachi stamps

USPS has released mariachi stamps. Just ordered some.


Slice up a whole pineapple. Eat all of it. I can’t stop. 🍍

another rented vw

Two more VW pics from Mexico. I don’t remember the year. Maybe 2001 or before. It was before we started using digital cameras.

old vee dubya

Old Volkswagen, WV, Beetle that I saw at Friendly Center in 2013. A beauty. Great shape. I only see missing runners under the doors. The steering wheel is especially classy, dished.

I used to be able to accurately identify the year of these VW’s. Now, I’m not so good. Wild guess would be 1959.

Clues of things that changed that can be used on this one to determine age:

— Wolfsberg crest on front and steering wheel.
— metal bumpers with overrider bars.
— glass covers over sealed-beam headlights (USA)
— flat, not curved, windshield.
— direction of wiper movement, L to R, or R to L
— rear-view mirror attached to door hinge.
— small taillights and license plate light
— pie tin hubcaps

There are many more clues than those. I used to have a book.

Other points of interest:

— On Beetle, the hood (bonnet) was the trunk (boot) and the trunk the hood because of motor in the back.

— this was a 6-volt car which made getting anything electrical tricky.

— it probably had no fuel gauge. When engine started to stumble due to lack of fuel, there was a foot lever under the dash in the front. Flip it to activate a small reserve tank of fuel.

Also attached, two pics of a white Beetle we rented in the Yucatan in 2003 for comparison. Only 44 years later than the blue one. Mexico continued to produce those WV’s longer than anywhere.

I loved driving them.

recovery snacks

The curative soothing powers of Ritz with cheese. 🧀

Two platters. One for me, one for spouse. Addition of a green olive slice on each one would be acceptable.

a bit warm

Well, this sucks. This is after it came down some.

Out of work. Under doctor’s care.

103.5 F = 39.72 C