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ebay lockout

Because of using a VPN and having my browser security settings set high, I got locked out of my eBay account tonight.

I couldn’t just do a password reset. I had to text chat with customer service to get it unlocked.

I wanted to say, “I’ve had this account for 22 years and there’s something I’ve got to buy RIGHT NOW on New Year’s Eve. You’ve  got to hurry!” lol.

Instead, I just calmly jumped the hoops and got my account back. Customer service was sweet.

Back to shopping. Whew! Crisis averted.

new year’s eve dinner out

New Year’s Eve dinner out with giant Sapporo cans of beer.

Passion Fusion Grille.

new years eve ride

I’m tryin! Self rehab. It’s working ok. 🚴

I’m in the mini-mansion area, none of which are mine. The regular-size mansion area is not far away where that Postmaster General lives.

We live near the former mill worker housing and the Colony of Sears (coloniam de Sears)

mid-80’s new year’s eve in monica’s guadalajara

I spent one New Year’s Eve in Guadalajara, maybe ’84 or ’85. A bunch of us went to the big gay disco, called Monica’s, for the midnight party.

Just after midnight, the music stopped. I thought, “no way!”

In marched a rockin’ mariachi band that the bar had hired that played most of the night. Some of them looked a little nervous when they surveyed the crowd. 😀

It was funny to see drag queens and a disco full of gay people stomping out those traditional dances. I didn’t know how to do them, but plenty were willing to teach.

The disco also had a kitchen. After midnight, they opened the service area and the food came rolling out. Massive.

What a party.

notetaking decades ago

1979 I was taking notes for something and wrote the word “bourgeoisie.” A sweet friend beside me I loved saw it, leaned over, and asked, “how do you know how to spell that?”

Me: I just do. 🙂
Him: Maybe we can talk later.
Me: Sounds like a plan!

Shooting Star Ocarina Octet — Brian Blauch – Clarinet/Woodwind Specialist

This is my debut with the Shooting Star Ocarina Octet (formerly septet) playing the contrabass G ocarina. I’m incredibly grateful to have been asked to join this talented group of ocarinists. Please subscribe to the YouTube Channel to make sure you don’t miss any of the monthly videos.

Shooting Star Ocarina Octet — Brian Blauch – Clarinet/Woodwind Specialist

retro photo

Looks like my type, actually. ♥️☺️

This is a photo in an antique shop.

shitpost vs deep dives

Sometimes I interrupt my shitposting to do political deep dives and shell peanuts. As one dives into things, the feeling of isolation gets larger.

Look at that gorgeous Linux desktop on old computer. Goes well with delicious peanuts.

giant late lunch after having to fast

After fasting all day for the doctor, I stopped at the cafeteria in High Point and got a lot. Rebound.

I couldn’t stop with just over eating at the cafeteria, so I brought home an entire pie. 🥧

mex dress

I should stop shaving for a couple of months, squeeze my squishy body into this, and go somewhere. Then nobody would notice if I had a mask on or not.