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With big social media being a tricky mixed bag, Telegram messenger is turning out to be a great way for me to gather news and events. It works on desktop and mobile.

I watched a marvelous musical performance from Cuba the other day in its entirety.

You can even chat with me on Telegram. Who wouldn’t want that?

better living through caffeine

Pineapple and a second giant mug of coffee for breakfast at noon. I’m trying to caffeine my way into better living. 🍍☕


Nine years ago today. I wonder where this is?

those little azz pickups

Whenever you see a subcompact pick-up truck, go ahead and make arrangements to pass. They are all going to be driven VERY slowly. Some typical models: Chevy S10, Ford Ranger, etc.

I think the engines in them are small, but it has to be the driver. I drove a Citroën 2CV across southern Yugoslavia in 1996 without much trouble even getting on a multi-lane highway a few times. I mostly kept up. It’s all in the RPM’s.

Those little pickups usually go 15 to 20 mph below the posted speed.

Count on even slower with the addition of any of these:

— driver has on a straw hat
— driver is smoking
— there some disassembled POS in the bed
— it’s a defunct brand, like Datsun

sbux treats

Some treats for me on double-star day at Starbucks. ⭐ ⭐

Went to Walmart the other day and used the self checkout. Probably order something from Amazon later. 😈

npr presents the status quo on cuba, what else in new

I let headlines load on my browser’s start page so that Mozilla will get a little revenue. This is a screenshot of one of them. I knew as soon as I saw the lede and the NPR url that the story would be status quo rubbish. It doesn’t take reading anything more than contained in the image to know that.

The article could have been written by the Miami crowd, the White House, and/or any of the “intelligence” agencies.

In the pic, I count all of about 25 “protestors,” not counting the neighborhood people milling about.

Low information disinformation a la NYT, WaPo, and so many others. According to the recent Psaki announcement, maybe NPR should be removed from all social media.

walmart salsa

We found the good stuff at Walmart yesterday. Also got some wine, went through the self-checkout, and paid for it all with a Walmart credit card.

j/k. I don’t have that credit card.

blue velvets again

Our favorite drinks at M’Coul’s.

random things that come up

I was reading what was supposed to be a professional article this morning and ran across this sentence: “Something went gunny bag with the air conditioner.”

WTF does gunny bag mean? lol

I mean write in plain language. That one just got me a little.

OK, sometimes I like to use “wonky” from time to time.


Here’s another one that still comes up sometimes and has since I was a child.

“It’s out there near Red Road.” or “Over there by the Bishop Block.”

OK, I know those places existed, but just tell me where you are talking about today. 50+ years is long enough to update.

Similarly, I am guilty of saying High Point Road still instead of Gate City Boulevard. High Point Road is where I did a lot of cruising as a teenager, so it’s rooted in that. I remember when Bob Petty’s Drive-in on HPR served me a can of beer right in my car when I was 17. “Can I have a cigarette to go with it?” lol

4:00 a.m. nature preserve tequila sip

I get tired of this tequila bottle going empty. WHY is there no larger size?

We sit in the Nature Preserve in the middle of the night sipping in the darkness. 🌛