Monthly Archives: July 2021

yummy salad

Lunch appetizer. Dressing real good just like at the restaurant.

nixon vietnam

I “liked” this post, but I don’t like it.

OTD 1969, Nixon’s only visit to Vietnam during his presidency.

dinner for one

Short shift but lot of driving today. Finishing up with dinner for one in Appomattox, Virginia.

Classic dairy Queen banana split

cuba web servers

Cuba is just SUCH a danger to the world (sarcasm) that their web servers are getting pounded into the dust daily. I can rarely read anything from there anymore.

My guess: Miami.

bordeaux tower

Just like being in Paris.

spouse gets hooked on computer browser game

Brian got majorly absorbed in the Google Doodle Champion Island Game. It kept him busy for hours. He ended up completing it and then playing even more. It was fun to watch him.

Maybe I’ll take up the Vivaldia game on Vivaldi browser.

very sensitive hearing when needed

I tiptoe to the kitchen and close the door behind me. Door gets thrown open with looks of “what do you think you’re doing?”


With big social media being a tricky mixed bag, Telegram messenger is turning out to be a great way for me to gather news and events. It works on desktop and mobile.

I watched a marvelous musical performance from Cuba the other day in its entirety.

You can even chat with me on Telegram. Who wouldn’t want that?

better living through caffeine

Pineapple and a second giant mug of coffee for breakfast at noon. I’m trying to caffeine my way into better living. 🍍☕


Nine years ago today. I wonder where this is?