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sbux treats

Some treats for me on double-star day at Starbucks. ⭐ ⭐

Went to Walmart the other day and used the self checkout. Probably order something from Amazon later. 😈

sbux traffic

Hell yeah!

some favorite mugs


No tellin’ where I got them.

jawja bux

Quick breakfast in Jawja (Georgia). Now I can drive home.

triple spress

Triple ‘spresso. Hands already shakin’.

As good as Italy. 😁

I should start asking for a penta or an octa. ☕

‘nother ‘spresso

My current favorite after dinner and drinks at M’Coul’s is a triple espresso at Starbucks.

They’re not very expensive. A triple is $2.95. Might start getting a quad. They taste really good and pack a punch.


Double-star day so we’re doing some fraps.

mi sirena

Got me some siren to take home.

Nena ,
tan linda como una sirena
con la cola llena de arena


Triple ‘spresso from our favorite ‘bux. Mind-blowingly good. ☕

Heart already racing.

treats from bux

I got off work early, then Brian comes home with treats. Latte and a frap.