Monthly Archives: August 2021

air travel

Sometimes I go for the deluxe meal.

air lineup

Looks cool when they’re all lined up like that.

vodka in the preserve

Trying some peach tonight. Pinnacle used to have a key lime flavor that we liked, but we can’t find it anymore.

linux mint

My desktop computer might be nearly ancient, but the operating system is fresh as a daisy. Riding Miss Daisy. 🌼

NAME=”Linux Mint”
VERSION=”20.2 (Uma)”
PRETTY_NAME=”Linux Mint 20.2″

reel mower

Sometimes people post about using a reel mower forever ago. Have you ever tried to mow much of anything with one of those? You’ll go out in an ambulance.

If the yard is kept up like a putting green, and the blades real sharp, you might last half an hour.

In the USA, you can’t afford the coronary. Get something else unless your yard is a putting green.

electric mowing

My 12 year old corded electric push mower. When you have a small yard like we do, you don’t even need a battery model, just learn to lasso the cord like a cowboy and be on your way. The best way is to start nearest the power outlet and go back and forth away from it.

It’s quiet and needs almost no maintenance, just change the blade sometimes.

It’s not as powerful as a gasoline mower, so you can’t let the yard grow up that much. When it spirals out of control, we have to call somebody.

the nextdoor neighborhood network temptation

I have gotten several postal mail invites to the social networking service called Nextdoor.

Over the years the neighborhood has had other forms of communication going all the way back to listserv-style e-mail lists.

Every single attempt has been brought down by spammy realtors with burner phones, group bullies, or other such nonsense.

I might enjoy keeping an eye on things in this manner, but I’m not sure I’m up for the bull or the privacy giveaway.

Anybody have any success with Nextdoor?

virgin adolescent mustache

Me. High school. Still tender, succulent.

risks of over manliness

Embarrassing hypermasculinity from 2007. Do not attempt. ⛔

driving so slowly

Driving like a snail. 🐌