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new ‘puter – been a long time

I bought some new hardware with an Intel Core i7 12700 Dodeca-Core Processor: 2.1/4.9GHz.

Dodeca. I like the sound of that.

I’m breaking it in with Ubuntu Budgie, lol.

Ubuntu Budgie

so many photos

The Help/About images for our favorite file manager and image viewer are quite beautiful. Caja is the file manager. Eye of MATE is the image viewer. We have so many gigs of photos that it’s important that these work well.

There are many other good ones out there.
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ubuntu upgrade 20.04

System upgrade time is happy time around here. Love ’em. One rolled in today.
I’ve been at this Linux thing a long time. It brings me extreme pleasure and dovetails with many things that I like to learn.
A few months ago, I changed to the MATE (mah-TAY) desktop from Xfce. Both are great and recommendable.


screenshot of ubuntu focal fossa upgrade notification

xubuntu disco dingo

We love the Xubuntu Linux, a fave for years. The upgrade came in last night. I like the name of the latest release: Disco Dingo.

Da dingo et mah discoteca baby.

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mozilla aurora update obsession

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ye olde free software CD’s

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a little free time and going over a mental cliff with linux

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operating system swapout

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ubuntu crop circles

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pleasure discs

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