Monthly Archives: July 2020


A treat I bought for myself for working a lot of crazy overtime.

Even proles like me want a luxury item sometimes.

There was a return shipping label in the box in case I just didn’t like it, but I like it.

easter island store lynchburg

When in Lynchburg, Virginia, I try to stop at the Easter Island store.

blessing box

I have not seen one of these before. A “blessing box”. Take what you need, leave what you can.

It’s on the corner with Cumberland Road Church of God in Bluefield West Virginia, but I don’t know if it’s actually theirs.

I like their slogan, “a healing church for hurting people.” I hope it is so. This is not an endorsement. I trust very few churches.

the happy couple

Funny lookin’.

play it

Sit at home on a Sunday afternoon and play (DJ) with myself. 🎸🎶

roll of windows

These paper towels make me think of Microsoft Windows.

jj and the toys

JJ with three of his things. He keeps them close.

drinkin’ song

Barkeep if you want to be some help,
Take a bottle of Please Release Me off the shelf.
Let me open up my soul and pour the contents in,
Tonight my solitaire turns Into gin

the great refund victory

Years ago when price scanning at store checkouts was coming about, the Kroger on West Market Street had a scanning guarantee. “If an item scans incorrectly, you will be refunded and receive one of the item free. Limit $20.” Something like that.

It was a tremendous guarantee, and I had the great fortune of being the recipient one time.

I can’t remember the item, but I bought something that was $10 and change, and it rang up $11 and change. I went right to customer service happy as I could be.

The store manager rolled his eyes as he opened the cash drawer and got out a dollar. Of course I said, “NUNT UHH!” and pointed to the signs hanging all over the store.

He made good on the guarantee. As little money as I had back then, it was a big deal. It didn’t take long for the chain to water that offer down.

ever eat a pine tree?

Identical in taste and texture. Stats same.

I’ve been eating grape-nuts since jr. high school.

It started with a television commercial featuring Euell Gibbons. “Ever eat a pine tree?” I feel like I’m betraying Euell when I buy the store brand, but it’s two bux less.