Monthly Archives: June 2022

little tunnel

Tight squeeze. Clearance 9 ft (2.74 m). One car at a time.

Behind Lebanon Valley Mall. Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

hula selfie

It’s me in the pic. 🍍

molson golden

I drank a lot of Molson Golden in my 20’s. It was a favorite. 🍺

otis pelosi

Another text from Otis the Town Drunk today.

No gracias.

cd jukebox

NSM Performer Hyperbeam laser disc jukebox.

I like the twirling CD’s on the front.

how sarcastic

If you want to be sarcastic and mock, come sit by me. 😀

Image: decorative piece that says “sarcasm welcomed”


This seems like a weird form of follower shaming to me due to the daily public posting of stats.

It reminds me of FB when somebody says, “once somebody unfriends me, I never let them back on.”

To which I mentally reply, “sounds good to me.”

tmo bag color magenta

Picking up a little gift for somebody today. Sometimes nice things come in those magenta bags.

sbux orgullo comunista grupito refrescante

It’s fully automatic luxurious gay space communism at SBUX. Extra stars, please. ✨

walmart checkout fun

It’s me working for the store for free and killing jobs at the Walmart.

I look like I know what I’m doing.