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beverly hillbillies smoking

Beverly Hillbillies give a lesson on how to smoke, something any teenager would appreciate. Problems for me at that age were access to the product and how to use it. One had to be creative.

you drunk?

From where could it be?

“If you are drunk, eat somewhere else.”


We all stayed up late and slept late. Dog breakfasts have been served, and now they are waiting for a Saturday slate of meaningful activities.

difficult remote loading e-mail

I just got this one.

This is how all e-mail is from businesses and orgs is these days. All text converted into images and remotely loaded. Unless one drops all privacy, the e-mail is blank. Text in images also puts those with vision difficulties at a disadvantage. Archiving is next to impossible.

Imagine just putting the text into the body of the e-mail, maybe even as a backup.

Attached image shows meaningless blank mobile e-mail with only “unsubscribe,” “view in browser,” and “load images”

cuban films in ecuador

I very much enjoy digging up offbeat news from around the world.

This one’s about a Cuban film festival in Ecuador. I would love to see them all. To be in Ecuador watching Cuban movies would be total glory.

In my twenties when I was hanging out in Guadalajara (MX) more, I went to movies all the time. I saw lots of Russian movies, Cuban, and many from eastern Europe that just weren’t showing in the USA.

Also while there. I went to a 24-hour horror movie festival where you got an armband and could come and go as you pleased for a whole day.

Also saw Ghostbusters. Los Cazafantasmas.


This bubbles up in my head sometimes.

I was waiting with someone in a hospital ER cubicle, and this old man was wheeled into the one next to us.

The nurse asked the man, “can I get you something to drink?”

He said in a baritone voice, “yes, milk.”

I thought to myself, “that’s GD nasty.” It hit me as really odd that night.

blue sky

Sky over production plant looking pretty. They are hard to see in the pic, but there are cute birds perched atop several of the ripples in the roof.

fridge magnets

The side of our refrigerator.

Drinkin’ with Cuba and The Pope.

bathroom remodel

Bathroom fixed in our 75 year old house.

It had a cast iron tub that we don’t know when was put in, but the porcelain finish on it was worn off, mostly, making it stain and impossible to clean. The contractor said it weighed maybe 400 lbs. (181 kg). He had to saw it up.

Floor and walls in bad condition from leakage.

All fixed up now with new walk-in shower, complete with grab bars for my old ass.

Series of pics showing the sawed tub outside, the tear out, rebuild, and new shower.

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