Monthly Archives: May 2021


Looking at two of the world’s cheapest kayaks making their way slowly across the back yard.

the mowers are here

The lawn crew came for the business next to my house today on a holiday. Really. Take a GD day off.

It will be about 45 minutes of the roaring mowers shaking my house. The blowers will be next with the worn out motors going, “wahhhh, wahhhh” and laying down a blue blanket of rich exhaust across my yard. Those beat-up blowers scream like sirens.

There. Whine done, for now.

townie tyres

My Townies & Countries. Nice riding tires.

Brian got them for me when he bought a cool used bike for me and had it refurbished.

nearly midnight in the nature preserve

Ringing in a cool midnight in the Nature Preserve. 55 F (13 C).

some favorite mugs


No tellin’ where I got them.

magtek edynamo

Magtek Edynamo.

It just rolls right off the tongue. That would be a good playa name for Burning Man.

beer after church

Beer after church, not even noon.

turning japanese on the dance floor

Decades ago…

I’d had a lot to drink. This song came on at the nightclub. A drag queen grabbed me by the hand and hauled me out on the dance floor.

Afterwards she said in a dark brown voice, “I didn’t know you liked this old rock shit.”

I won’t mention her name. It wasn’t Lola. She drove a Riviera that was a mile long.

rare daytime in the preserve

Rare daytime pics from the Nature Preserve. Usually we prefer to be out here between 1:00 and 4:00 a.m.

Included is a pic of a pile of sticks that we call the “snake pit.”

Wi-Fi is weak out here. I thought about boosting it in this direction but decided not to. It’s not because the property is large, it’s not. It’s because the house is wrapped in aluminum and there’s heavy vegetation in between.

bee pollen supply reestablished

Bee pollen. I thought I’d lost my supply when Earthfare closed because I hadn’t seen it anywhere else.

I like it in a fruit and yogurt smoothie, also on a peanut butter and honey sandwich, sometimes on cereal.

I found this at The Fresh Market. Overly packed half pound container, same price as Earthfare years ago, six bucks.

Cashier at The Fresh Market said this was not a new item. I don’t know how I missed it.