gay party invitation – guadalajara jal mx, 1985

While rooting around in some things today, I found this old gay party invitation from Guadalajara. 1985, maybe, pre-Internet of course. This was the time of the especially severe AIDS horrors, but the parties had to go on. We had to keep the music playing and remember the fallen ones and the ones falling.

I looked up the address, Bélgica 469, Guadalajara. It appears to be a house (see image). I don’t remember going to a party in a house. Either the building is different, I didn’t go, or I just don’t remember being there for various reasons.

One scan is the entire invitation, then I broke it up into two shorter scans to be able to see the whole thing.

I’ll attempt to translate top to bottom. It might be hit or miss. Feel free to help me.

Gay Party
Comadre ..

Would you like to:

— dance
— drink a cocktail
— see a drag show
— cruise
— queer around
— greet the girlfriends

Come on then.

This Saturday, 10th of August, 10:00 PM.
Bélgica 469

[map diagram]

We will have a dance contest (attractive prizes).
Free snacks.
Bring your royal wardrobe and show it off here.

Keep this ticket and we will give you 100 peso discount on the cover.

Organized by: Gay New Generation Group, GNGG.

[cartoon drawing]

[Terrorized girl on left with rock flying towards her. Group of hostile straights on right. “buga” is a slang term for straight people used by gays.]

“Don’t suffer from the rain anymore (of rocks)”

One response to “gay party invitation – guadalajara jal mx, 1985

  1. Always good to get a glimpse of how things used to be.

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