Monthly Archives: October 2020

spooky moon halloween

Halloween Moon 2020  🌝🎃


Dissolving flesh
and melting bone
Oh to lie with you

May Swenson, Neither Wanting More


I made dinner tonight. Afterwards I whipped this exquisite confection out of the freezer.

Recipe available if desired.

election mail

I’m fairly sick of this shit. Lake Wobegon, where all the voters are above average.

I don’t care to have my voting ranked nor compared to that of my neighbors.

At least the Trump and Biden mailers are entertaining. They sometimes include color pictures.

beer wine stockup

lol. It had to be done. 🍷🍻

tropical storm going over

Dogs won’t go outside because of rain and wind from a tropical storm. It gets calm outside for a moment, so I’ll let them out, and an ambulance going by ruins it. 🌀🌬️🌧️🐾

pink drink

It’s pink, so I was forced to get a sixer.

stealth shopping pro

How to shop at Lawndale Target then Harris Teeter and only park once on the nice side.

I like parking near Target because it’s less entrapping than the Teeter side plus returning to Lawndale offers a nice curved ramp.

Shop Target then run things back to the car. Don’t get freezer items.

Take Target cart over to the Teeter and kinda hide it behind a column. You can’t take the Teeter cart over to the Target side without the wheels locking. Target carts will go anywhere. That’s why you see them pushed down embankments on Battleground even.

Have your fun at HT, then come out and offload into the Target cart and you’re free. I’ve never once found my red cart gone.

lampoon it

Me and the US election.


I remember when a friend said, “you know that MeWe* is owned by evangelicals.”

*MeWe is a social network

Me: Thing is, MeWe is not owned by evangelicals, and even if true, all I care about is if it is censored.

Friend said, “Friends told me it was. I don’t have time to vet everything, so I have to rely on my friends.”

Me: I give up.