Monthly Archives: June 2021


You know you did the buffet right if your heart is up in your throat just walking back to the parking lot.

old photo

Just a picture in an antique store, but hey!


Reminds me of a favorite retro game, Qbert (Q*Bert)

meet the swinger

The inside of a Polaroid Swinger camera was the perfect size for a young teenager to hide a pack of cigarettes. You could leave it right on a shelf in the bedroom and no one would suspect.

After my brother stole my pack a second time, I watered his little pot garden with gasoline. 🌿😈

nixon resigns

Greensboro Daily News. August 9th, 1974. Nixon resigns. 📰🗞️

skeleton siren

A beautiful rendition of Starbucks logo.

butch mechanic

2008. Back when I liked to do my own oil changes, tire rotations, etc.

Now I’m getting a little old for it, plus that thing could fall off the jack and kill me, so I just take it to a shop now like most people do. 🚙

When I was in high school, I had a friend who was killed when his car fell off the jack. You have to really prepare and be safe when doing things like that. Even so, things can happen.

come fly with me

Driving through Dunn, North Carolina, this morning, and thinking of the plentiful private airports and air strips in this area and in Smithfield to the north.

They are very useful for transiting for America’s human cargo for enhanced interrogation. Everybody in the area knows it, but it’s just not talked about.

Also, Florida panhandle, lots of secured contractor places for flights leaving in the darkness at night and returning before dawn coming and going from Central America. Just don’t know why they would do that. 😬

cuban mystery

We just found this in the garage and neither one of us can remember where we got it.

the preserve at home

The cool shade of the tree canopy in the Nature Preserve. Also, last night’s moon shining through the trees. 🌛🌳

There is a dose of Internet enhancement that we throw into all of this. Who doesn’t? 😁