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love is like oxygen

The opening bars of this song have been blasting through my head for days now. 1978. Sweet – Love Is Like Oxygen.

It is a nice pleasant song that makes me feel good still, but it was probably the worst time of my life mentally. It took a long time for that state to begin to let up. Managing it was one big tricky thing.

small dog club surveillance

Aerial dog surveillance. One passed out, the other pretty close.

on getting blocked

After getting blocked by a couple on Twitter, here’s a sorta funny I-got-blocked story. There used to be a nice community called My Opera, run by the Opera software company when it was still headquartered in Norway. It was my favorite social media site, and there has never been another one for me that was as good.

There was another user who I enjoyed and thought I was having fun hanging out with until I criticized the Windows operating system one day. He posted about so many things he downloaded to improve Windows: registry cleaners, virus scanners, scanners and improvers of other types, I don’t know.

I couldn’t resist, so I posted the comment, “my God, how many crutches does it take to make that thing walk?” lol. 🩺⛑️

To be fair, it’s when most people were running Windows Me, Millennium Edition. I think that one needed a lot of help.

Windows is used where I work, and after XP, things seemed quite good.



Not the minimalistic web browser that runs on *nix systems, but a real armadillo.

Brian and I ran into a whole pack (a roll) of them today.

Here is one of the little sweeties. ♥️

1969, something my mother said

I still remember this as if it were yesterday.

It was about 1969, so I would have been 10. My mother looked up from the Sunday lunch we were having and said, “just because I have a vagina doesn’t mean I have to do all the cooking around here.”

I thought to myself, “way to go mom, using the V word in front of a child (me).” lol. 😁

After putting the family on notice, things got distributed more correctly.

Except when having the babies, she worked full time for an employer just like my father did.

it’s just not interesting

If you want paint-by-numbers status quo “journalism,” Dan Rather and Jorge Ramos are good places to start.

comparison shopping for a dvd

I’d like to have this collector’s edition Blu-ray disc of The Dead Zone coming out in July.

Look what Amazon did. Free shipping for $25 orders, so the disc is priced $24.99. It’s like I’m being given the finger. 🖕

I’ll just get it from CD Universe where I buy most things of this type and have since the dial-up Internet days.

CD Universe also carries porn in case you have some friend who is interested in that.

fat tires

Fat Tire on tap. 🍻

pride 1991 carrboro nc

Danger! Do not attempt at home.

Pride Carrboro 1991.

Me center.
Allen O’Briant on right with fan.
Colin Skinley on left shirt open.

old sunglasses

I found some old sunglasses in a drawer tonight. I realized they were the same ones I wore to Pride in Carrboro in 1991 (30 years ago). I probably bought them about 1986, so maybe they are 35 years old. They are now back in service.