Monthly Archives: January 2021


Felt like a treat before heading out to dinner.


I think we’re supposed to start turning people in for things pretty soon.


I would really enjoy having this. It’s much more than I want to pay. It’s bigger than it looks in the picture. Quite large.


I saw this in an antique store today. What a beauty.

Hohner Verdi II M.


I’m not particularly a Parler fan, but I sometimes visit sites of which I am not to get viewpoints and experience an alternative environment. Silicon Valley’s desire and power to destroy Parler is alarming.

Many I know cheered the removal of Parler from the net by spreading false information as justification, often by citing half-truth articles two to three times removed from source. Few of my contacts on Facebook vet anything, especially if they are the ones posting all day.

Some of the same people have criticized MeWe, one by saying that it is owned by evangelicals. It’s not, but my response would be, “I don’t care. I want to know how they operate it.”

Parler is down. What’s next? Telegram? MeWe?

lotta café

Bags of coffee were two for the price of one recently. I went a little crazy with it.

I also bought a conical burr grinder.


usual beer

Beers at Vito’s. 🍻

enhanced coffee

I left for work at 3:00 a.m., so I’m home and done by noon.

things mumbled

Things I mumble to my Brian while in the car together:

— there’s that skinny flouncy walker we saw on Cornwallis the other day. ❤️

Things I mumble to Brian while we surf the net:

— Hmm! Look at this. New Zealand. Says he’s a communist. ☭

hacking alarm pfft, cryptome

Love this paragraph:

Yet, the sun shines on all of god’s creatures, at least those not underground, and for those sunlit it should be possible to use our brightest star to transmit to one another with unlimited brilliance and clarity our wish for them to get off our lawn, turn down the noise, be respectful, wear a mask, ratchet up blaming the opposition.