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opole poland webcam new year’s day 2020

I have followed the Opole, Poland web camera since Windows 95 and dialup Internet. Every year I check by on New Year’s Eve to see what’s happening. Here is an image just after turning New Year’s Day, 2020 there, 12:17 AM. This is a calm year. Sometimes there have been bands, plaza parties and people passed out.
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opole poland plaza via webcam new year's dyy 2020

opole poland plaza via webcam new year’s dyy 2020


2020 nearly here


new year’s eve ramble

I went by my favorite pharmacy today to pick up a couple of prescriptions that were ready. Going in, I saw a sign on the door that said, “Closing New Year’s Eve at 2 PM.” It was 1:55 PM. lol, dayyum.

I don’t like being the customer from hell, so I considered leaving, but my stuff was just sitting in a bin ready to go. No payment needed, nuttin’. They didn’t flinch. I was back out by 1:58.

Anybody who has worked “interfacing the public” like I have will know how situations from hell will always develop.

What could have happened after getting my prescriptions:

“Oh, I need a flu shot. Do you have time? I have a friend on the way. He’ll be here in 3 minutes and needs one, too. He is a new customer. We want to bill to insurance.” 😈

wake me for the quran

We found an Awake shoved under our door. For whatever the reason, I yanked a Quran from the bookshelf and posed it for the picture.

All done just for the sake of posting.

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please, think of the etiquette

Should have been served on a saucer with a doily. NO TIP!

Just kidding. 😁

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Strange to see this type “wiring” in a commercial establishment.

Might as well have an open pail of gasoline right below it. 🔥

bumper stickies

Might smell like patchouli in there.