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opole poland webcam new year’s day 2020

I have followed the Opole, Poland web camera since Windows 95 and dialup Internet. Every year I check by on New Year’s Eve to see what’s happening. Here is an image just after turning New Year’s Day, 2020 there, 12:17 AM. This is a calm year. Sometimes there have been bands, plaza parties and people passed out.
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opole poland plaza via webcam new year's dyy 2020

opole poland plaza via webcam new year’s dyy 2020


2020 nearly here


new year’s eve ramble

I went by my favorite pharmacy today to pick up a couple of prescriptions that were ready. Going in, I saw a sign on the door that said, “Closing New Year’s Eve at 2 PM.” It was 1:55 PM. lol, dayyum.

I don’t like being the customer from hell, so I considered leaving, but my stuff was just sitting in a bin ready to go. No payment needed, nuttin’. They didn’t flinch. I was back out by 1:58.

Anybody who has worked “interfacing the public” like I have will know how situations from hell will always develop.

What could have happened after getting my prescriptions:

“Oh, I need a flu shot. Do you have time? I have a friend on the way. He’ll be here in 3 minutes and needs one, too. He is a new customer. We want to bill to insurance.” 😈

wake me for the quran

We found an Awake shoved under our door. For whatever the reason, I yanked a Quran from the bookshelf and posed it for the picture.

All done just for the sake of posting.

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please, think of the etiquette

Should have been served on a saucer with a doily. NO TIP!

Just kidding. 😁

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Strange to see this type “wiring” in a commercial establishment.

Might as well have an open pail of gasoline right below it. 🔥

bumper stickies

Might smell like patchouli in there.


hooked on small appliances

So many slow cookers in a row. Most are Rival, there is one Hamilton Beach.

#slowcooker #crockpot #rival #hamiltonbeach

PA tunnel

Narrow tunnel behind Lebanon Valley Mall. Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

bright church neon in the fog

Very dramatic looking beside the highway in the fog and darkness. It’s bright.

Bunker Hill Evangelical Congregational Church
2208 PA-72, Lebanon, PA 17046 USA

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