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preach it

People start talking about certain ministers in town, and I start thinking, “talks a good game but total tool of the establishment.”

coup mock

Whew. We got through the one year anniversary of America’s near coup d’état and death of democracy. 🙄

Next maneuvers:

Cuba, Venezuela, ooh I want to take ya,
Russia, China, come on pretty mama

notetaking decades ago

1979 I was taking notes for something and wrote the word “bourgeoisie.” A sweet friend beside me I loved saw it, leaned over, and asked, “how do you know how to spell that?”

Me: I just do. 🙂
Him: Maybe we can talk later.
Me: Sounds like a plan!

shitpost vs deep dives

Sometimes I interrupt my shitposting to do political deep dives and shell peanuts. As one dives into things, the feeling of isolation gets larger.

Look at that gorgeous Linux desktop on old computer. Goes well with delicious peanuts.

masked santas

Somebody posted a pic of their Christmas tree today with ornaments that are a Santa with mask. Some people lovin’ this stuff.

Those ornaments gotta be made in one of those countries we’ve been instructed to hate.

oh god cccp

I went into The Fresh Market (bourgeois supermarket) today for a few things, then when I returned to my car, these were on the dash.

I feel threatened.

Somebody is firing a warning shot across the bow.

no fly

This gets old as hell.
Just want to get out of town.

much more sure than the lottery

Not too long now before these will reprise:
— the most important election of our lifetimes.
— if you didn’t vote like I did, unfriend me now.

followup to psaki post

On Dec. 7, I made a snark post about White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

OK, today I’ll do snark about Scott McClellan, White House Press Secretary 2003-2006 for GWB.

I actually found him a delight to watch on TV. Always cheerful, positive, and a bit cute, appearance-wise, as he spewed the lies of empire for the Bush admin.

The after getting fired, quitting, whatever, he writes a book basically saying, “I knew they were lies I was telling.”

Well DUH! That’s about as low as you can go.

So there. Now I’m fair and balanced. I done done one of each.


Every time I see a clip of Jen Psaki, I feel emotionally victimized. 😱