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democrat angst candy

It doesn’t bother me because I haven’t revolved my life around it for the last six to eight years.

margaret kimberley

Margaret Kimberley ❤️

bolsheviks in the washroom

As a child, I used to read Reader’s Digest to improve reading skills, because it’s kind of simple and the word games were fun.

Then one day I realized there was something wrong with that magazine. It had me checkin’ in the bathroom for Bolsheviks.

everybody is under the spell

At Pride on Sunday, I ran into this kinda sorta radical freethinker group.

I was thinking their email list would be a lot of fun, so I came home and subscribed. The very first one I received was a link to some typical empire propaganda piece in the New York Times. Immediate unsubscribe.

So disappointed. This shit is sick.

queen by the roadway

The “Queen” billboards burning through the night around town impress me as much as the Ukraine ones do.

science-y believer

I’m noticing certain things that run together:

— blaming all net failures on hackers from a certain country
— having a certain national flag in the bio
— stating “I’m a science-based person. I believe in science.”
— regularly posting fluff science-y articles. “It’s science Friday!”

Oh, I might as well say it, their POV on everything completely aligns with the US government. 😱

potus tweet: do not attempt this at home – for demonstration purposes only

Curiously bizarre Tweet for entertainment purposes only. 🤞

latin american history course

Another great memorable course I had at the “nearby university” was a Latin-American history course taught by a professor who was tortured in Chile during the Pinochet years.

One can imagine how rich the coursework was.

my morals so bad

Long time ago, I took a summer course called “morality and ethics” at a nearby university.

The professor was a visiting one from England picking up a temporary paycheck. He was a hoot.

Several times the class dissolved into shouting matches and near fights. People would run out of the classroom, slam the door, and sometimes there was crying. There was no nudity. lol

One of the best courses I ever had. I told the professor that. It energized my day every time.

aliens visit miss liberty

I’m totally waiting for the alien ships to arrive. 🛸

I remember the Statue of Liberty scene from Planet of the Apes movie. 👍

Image lifted from Atomic Retro Sci-fi group on FB.