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anything but direct aid to the people

Funeral services advertising like mad on my Facebook feed. Maybe it’s that government gift they just got from FEMA. ⚰️ 🙄

1960s nuke fun

When I was in grade school, there was a particularly hot flare of the Cold War going on, and the school was going over plans for what to do if the nukes flew. 💣

After the drill, my teacher said, “y’all know this is ridiculous, right? What are you going to have, half an hour, maybe? It’s not going to matter if you’re here, on the school bus, or at home, it’s going to be over.”

I liked that woman. She dug into a lot of subjects with that directness.

all the wrong moves

Someone I know was going off today about people who use self checkouts. If I don’t want to see anybody, stressing, feel down, etc., themz the ones I use.

— I also shop at Walmart sometimes AND use the self checkouts.
— I have an Amazon credit card.
— I prefer Starbucks over those “small, locally owned, coffee shops.”

Unfriend me now! lol

coches usados y banderas

My morning walk to Popeyes, I spotted something special in the air. 🇨🇺

Right hyar in America! 😉

I learned long ago, that while in Florida, don’t go braggin’ around that ya been there. Sometimes they’ll let fly at you like Mussolini from the balcony.

status quo

My religious denomination’s love for the status quo is grinding my gears. The euphoria is amazing. Do I fit in?

They say they voted “love” in the 2020 election and say it was the largest, most transparent, and most accessible election in our history.

prop or not

Sometimes I’ll start the morning running a few text-string searches on political memes I see mostly on FB. The results of “not true” or “can’t verify” are high. I can pick them out on sight with regularity. It’s my fun game for decades.

Some teachers along the way were so helpful in this, public-school ones to boot. I remember them fondly.

do the text, too

TFW a justice org’s e-mail newsletter contains no text and is all remote loading images, so I can’t see squat.

Strangely, pulling up the event, it says it will be closed captioned in multiple languages.

Moral of the story: put the text in the newsletter for the hard of seeing. Don’t rely on images only. Text breaks the sight barrier better.

el derecho de vivir en paz

Morning reading. Chile, Vietnam, the World.

I had a UNC-Greensboro professor from Chile years ago who was in Chile when the big shit hit. I read everything he provided and more.

We became friends. He had a stressed mind and damaged body from being imprisoned in one of the stadiums. Somehow he could still make his way in the world enough to keep researching and teaching.

I had a few courses at UNCG that were mind-blowing. His was one of them.

the keys to cuba

Only some keys get to be “The Cuba Keys.” 🇨🇺

Bought it in Cuba, too!

pesticide collars for domestic animals

Story from USA Today, so no telling what factors are at play here, but it sounds plausible. I’ve heard about this issue many times for years.

1700 pet deaths linked to one brand of flea and tick collars. What about all the others? If 1700 can be linked, I imagine the real number is much higher.

The companies that make pet products often make human ones, too, so when I hear “safe, effective, thoroughly tested,” I’m not always sure.

It sounds like regulatory capture and conflict of interest are at play, things that are baked right into our system. It makes for muddy waters on making decisions.