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guatemala video

I’ve been studying these issues for 40+ years.

Early 1980’s, a US magazine reporter (can’t remember now which), crawled on his stomach for long distances to discover entire villages wiped out. Everybody dead. The photography was grisly.

Then, 2021, Empire Queen, Kamala do-not-come-to-US Harris, makes her first international trip after taking office to hang out with the Guatemalan President. Sickening.

Guatemala: CIA’s Permanent Backyard

marx swanky

Anytime a US citizen hurls the labels communist, Marxist, etc., there’s a ZERO percent chance the person has even the slightest idea what they mean.

The words have gravitas and make the hurler seem politically swank to members of the same…whatever.

strange new buildings all over

It seems like my city, and so many others, are now surrounded by giant gray and white featureless, usually windowless, buildings. Not that many seem occupied now. Many have signs out front that say “available” or “hiring soon.”

My first suspicion is that it is some kind of corporate giveaway. Don’t just let them go tax free, build their building, too. I don’t know that, but you know.

What could it be?

ppd vs pph

I take these with me when I go to buy fuel, and the price drops 7c/gallon. I get the Putin’s Price Discount (PPD), not the Price Hike (PPH).

(Pilot myrewards card plus two USSR pins)

do anything but the right thing

I got excited when an org I like sent an e-mail with link “download our summer guide here.”

Why not just attach a PDF to the e-mail, BUT NOOO, it’s a PDF wrapped up in a digital publishing platform, so there’s no way to download. Platform is issuu.

I had to manipulate the screen several times to get the document viewable. Nasty.

frantic parents in texas

I felt like the parents were going to get pepper sprayed at any moment.


spam call update

Over the past few days I’ve received spam calls with these caller ID labels:

— Sentara Hospital
— Cone Physician
— Emergency
— Community Funeral
— Elon University

It seems the telcos have no control over their networks. I don’t know what they’re being paid for.

This stuff is getting dangerous.

It’s bad if they detect elderly/dementia on the line. The call centers hand those off to specialists to work ’em.

It’s amusing to see call center employees complaining online about people being rude to them.

That US Summit of the Americas

The upcoming Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles.

Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba are not being invited by the US.

As far as that summit, the moral of the story is, you don’t want to be a member of a club that would have you as a member.

proton security

Proton Technologies (Protonmail, VPN, etc) “secure communications tools” based in Switzerland, keeps blogging about their digital rights advocacy.

“Ensuring people can access accurate information is essential for democracy.”

This, of course is fine, and many times can be a good thing, but they keep lending support to the USA’s favorites.

Going into the political like that has reduced my desire to use the products.

health care as fun shopping

Oh, fun! This just came in from my insurer.

When I need health care, the first thing I think of is shopping and getting a reward. More stupid games to play. Health care as shopping, like picking out a shirt at a department store. Having chest pains? Wait! I need to shop a reward.

Who am I going to vote for in upcoming elections? Who/whatever can crash all this shit the fastest.