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ads and “prop”

I enjoy dissecting and paying attention to advertising to see if I can spot the manipulation involved, also to see if there is a surprise or special creativity to it, and finally just to ridicule it sometimes.
Mitsubishi has one on that I can make fun of.
Ad: “Don’t you want to test drive a Mitsubishi?”
Me: “Not at all.”
At least Mitsubishi doesn’t equate buying a car with love as most of the Subaru ads do.
The two most annoying ads for me right now are Anoro with that whiny Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way” song, and Operation Smile “This Little Light of Mine” for being so cloyingly emotional.
Both Anoro and Operation Smile use sound processing that plays hell with 5.1 surround sound by making the ad swirl around the listener and even appear to come from another room, like some kind of voice throwing. It seems to be purposely disorienting to make an impression.
For me, analyzing advertising goes hand in hand with analyzing propaganda in the news.

posting therapy

There are some small off-beat social media services that I use as a personal rant box, like screaming into a pillow. It’s embarrassing, yet I find it exciting at the same time. Whatever it takes. 😱
Sometimes I think my post volume gets annoyingly high. Being unfollowed or unfriended can be necessary and doesn’t bother me. I’ve done it to others.
It reminds me of my years in the My Opera virtual community. I never cared if a single person read or responded to my things, though I liked it if they did. I did it for myself.
When things get difficult, hitting the keyboard helps a lot. All this also reminds me of when I worked in a restaurant and my sidework was cutting lemons. There was something relieving about it. Working with the hands. A knife, slicing into the skin of a piece of fruit, the citrus smell, repetitive motion…

more MeWe lunkheadedness

I’m beginning to think that MeWe leadership is lunkhead city. Do I trust this network?

Ethnicity and sexuality (and even religion for some) are preferences? Oh, brother.


MeWe also believes Russia done it – omfg

WTF! Mark Weinstein of MeWe is playing that ludicrous Russia card, too! I think this company of theirs is not grounded in reality. This is not his first time playing that crying violin about Russia. He must have inside information that nobody else has been able to find.

I also saw MeWe on Twitter bashing a competitor with decent intentions, Ello, by saying it was hype, and nothing more.

I hate to see that social network being run with a childish attitude. It makes me think the whole operation is a crock. MeWe’s claim to greatness is several awards that nobody has ever heard of. Also, I don’t see a revenue model there. None of the paid services that are said to float the boat are worth paying for.

Mark Weinstein – Admin (16 June 2018):

Awesome MeWe members,

If you have a quick 6 minutes, please enjoy this video of my BBC interview in Europe this week. Flew to London for the interview, which was broadcast live from their studios throughout Europe.

MeWe is receiving worldwide recognition as the true competitor to Facebook – and of course MeWe is BETTER! MeWe has No ads, No spyware, No BS, No content manipulation, and No Russians paying to show you fake news. We’re here to serve you, not sell your data.

With MeWe, you see everything from your friends and groups in true timeline order. There’s nothing messing with your politics or tricking you into clicking on ads. Available worldwide in 8 languages, MeWe is social done right.

Cheers everyone – please share this interview with your friends and on any of your other social channels too. This is our time.

Go MeWe!



el poder de la palabra

Some big companies have good people running the social media. and merriam-webster wield words like a sword on Twitter and handle people who need handling with loads of sass and humor. I love that. It reminds me of good poetry: lots of meaning wrapped up in few words.

I saw Netflix go after somebody who was complaining about the confusion of gender roles and identities after Netflix posted a pic. The Netflix response was something like, “Do you realize that is Jennifer Lopez?” That was a master stroke of economy of words and skilled humiliation. Loved it.



Instead of making fun of some bishop at a wedding, I’ll put on some George Harrison and post a picture of toast.

#edifying #topbrownonly


I like it when a website interferes with a right click to make copy/paste harder, yet CTL+C and CTL+V (or middle click) still work fine.