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playing with the car radio on a business trip

Sometimes when driving for work, I’ll put something bizarre (for me) on the car radio for “intellectual” curiosity.

My weekend trip to Charlotte, I had Truth FM “Christian” radio playing. There is something even more toxic than usual about mixing this type religion with broadcasting.

On the trip down, it was about the tribulation, rapture, and demonic locusts and things. It could get quite dangerous when airplanes start crashing when some pilots suddenly vanish.

On the return trip home, the show was totally about empire worship, focusing on a certain country in the Middle East and it’s big friend.

Difficult listening.

reiner is peak “something”

Just saving this to remember the crazy.

twitter log on malfunction

WTF is it now?

(Image is Twitter log on screen malfunction on mobile)

good list

That’s a crazy as hell list right there. Do not attempt at home.

white house kwanzaa

Now that the POTUS and the FLOTUS have done Kwanzaa, I can now say that I have had a full life. 😂

z’s “what i want for christmas” visit

Media so lacking in details that I cannot find out if one creep visiting another creep in DC has wrapped it up yet.

After numerous searches, I finally found out it was a less than 12-hour visit, so thankfully it’s over.

postcard campaign and other busy work

Postcard campaign: writing postcards urging people to vote (i.e. GOTV: get out the vote).

I went to a “social justice” meeting, and this was what was going on. Busy work for liberals.

I availed myself of the snacks and left.

Other things I view as useless:

— phone/text banking
— writing form letters that don’t even make sense to elected officials

empire lovers to mastodon!


Some of the resistance phonies and empire propaganda shitheads are headed to Mastodon.

In that case, these should go, too. Well, some already have. There are so many

Bill Browder
Nika Melkozerova
NBC News
Julia Davis
Seth Abramson
Liz Cheney
Robert Reich
The Lincoln Project
Occupy Democrats
Rachel Maddow
Simon Rosenberg

those fb friend requests

TFW I go out to eat with a group, then later a few sweetly send friend requests on FB even though I didn’t mention having an account there.

I browse their timelines first and it’s 17 hours a day of compulsive posting about how all the bad started in 2016 with DT.

I’m not a Repub, but I don’t need that shit.

Later, “I sent you a friend request. Didn’t you get it?”

Me: “I don’t get on much. I’ll look again.” 🤣

They’re just looking for a damned audience. 🙄

rock of ages, still a rollin’

Certain movies, situations, etc, can trigger vivid recollections of violence from over half a century ago.

Gunter Glieben Glauten Globen
Rock de Épocas 🪨⏳👊