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semi-fake crisis at target

You can’t trust very much. Sometimes things are, sometimes they ain’t.

A friend posted a pic of a huge empty area in Target claiming it evidence of crisis. It was the day after back-to-school and Target was switching it out to Halloween. I went by later and took pics of the rest of the store bursting with merchandise. gyaahd.

Friend claimed that shelves were barren store-wide. I pointed out that in the distance in their very own photos that the store looked heavily laden. Friend then claimed that store was nearly out of Keurigs. lol

I wanted to say, “what is up with you?” but decided it was better to let it go and just mock in secret on social media.

I had seldom seen a more beautifully stocked store.

a return to moral leadership, oh boy!

“Today we celebrate a return to moral leadership and our nation’s commitment to welcome and generosity.”

This is part of the reason I’ve lost interest in NGO’s, especially ones that are BBB accredited and Charity Navigator approved.

CWS (Church World Service) is thrilled with this crumbs-from-the-table proposal. Nothing has even happened yet. Democrat vaporous proposals are quite common.

At least Haitians got a tacked-on sorry-sorry-sorry mention at the end.


it’s my party and i’ll donate if i want to

Leading up to elections 2016 and 2020, every time somebody I knew said shit about my political party, I’d turn around and make a donation to that party. It got freakin’ expensive. 👍

poster on greene street

Somebody’s washroom is breeding Bolsheviks again. 🧻🧼

And thar it was. Right out there on Greene Street. 😲

I’ve slapped things on traffic signal boxes before, but this one’s not mine.

last supper

Thinking of when a good net friend in Iran sent me on messenger a selfie of him smiling under a portrait of the Last Supper.

I waited awhile and said, “you’re actually going to send me that with no explanation?”

He replied, “lol, I thought you’d find it funny, so I was waiting. They aren’t rare here. (the portrait)”

My friend is a good one with good humor.

out-of-state search turns local instead

I was trying to dig up anti-gay dirt yesterday on an out-of-state church that somebody kept praising on Facebook. I didn’t find what I was looking for. Instead, several local churches in Greensboro kept coming up in the search results.

Whatever. There’s something to be said for churches that have put that stuff right on their web page. Better to know than not.

just a pithy trillion dollars

thought it said, “USA spent more than a BILLION dollars during 20 years of war in Afghanistan”

What a bargain. Seems kinda cheap.

Then I remembered that BILLIÓN in Spanish is TRILLION in English. So, it’s “USA spent more than a TRILLION dollars during 20 years of war in Afghanistan”


Yeah sure, short an intermittent stimulus check by $600, give every large business in the city a tax “abatement,” and still somehow get dopes to sit on their asses downtown in front of cameras and beg for their taxes to be raised to pay city salaries.

All those yachts in Dubai Harbour, it’s maritime lifestyle like no other!

nixon vietnam

I “liked” this post, but I don’t like it.

OTD 1969, Nixon’s only visit to Vietnam during his presidency.

cuba web servers

Cuba is just SUCH a danger to the world (sarcasm) that their web servers are getting pounded into the dust daily. I can rarely read anything from there anymore.

My guess: Miami.

npr presents the status quo on cuba, what else in new

I let headlines load on my browser’s start page so that Mozilla will get a little revenue. This is a screenshot of one of them. I knew as soon as I saw the lede and the NPR url that the story would be status quo rubbish. It doesn’t take reading anything more than contained in the image to know that.

The article could have been written by the Miami crowd, the White House, and/or any of the “intelligence” agencies.

In the pic, I count all of about 25 “protestors,” not counting the neighborhood people milling about.

Low information disinformation a la NYT, WaPo, and so many others. According to the recent Psaki announcement, maybe NPR should be removed from all social media.