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NYT lol, all is hoped will be normal

Another LOL from the New York Times. At least the word “normal” is in quotes, as it should be. Was it normal before, and is that a desired state to which to return?

It’s a good click-bait headline, but I won’t go, so I won’t know about the article. I’ve stopped visiting links to the NYT, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, The Guardian, and others. They are such active performers for the USA’s “Mighty Wurlitzer” that I won’t follow a link for any reason, not even for entertainment pieces, though one could say all of it is entertainment.

screenshot of NYT headline, Why the Presidency can't just go back to "normal" after Trump.

screenshot of NYT headline, Why the Presidency can’t just go back to “normal” after Trump.

browser IP check

The browser / IP address combination I have is deemed “suspicious”, so many sites put me on a wait while attempting a probe. 😝
screenshot showing cloudflare delaying a website visit

screenshot showing cloudflare delaying a website visit

wheel-spinning documentation

Some of big elaborate lies come from from people who have books or movies to promote. Some have so much “documentation” that you could never check a fraction of it, so you check none of it. Part of that is to frustrate your response.

I used to get comments packed with links on a blog I had years ago. The implication was “check all these links before you respond to me.”

I called it “wheel spinning” the user. Assign a huge research project to the reader to thwart replies. Much of it was copy/paste that the person kept on hand ready to go, so it often didn’t make much sense.

two old desktop faves

A couple of sweet little things that I enjoy using on desktop.

#firefox #thunderbird

book of mozilla firefox preview

about:mozilla will take you there.

The Beast adopted new raiment and studied the ways of Time and Space and Light and the Flow of energy through the Universe. From its studies, the Beast fashioned new structures from oxidised metal and proclaimed their glories. And the Beast’s followers rejoiced, finding renewed purpose in these teachings.

from The Book of Mozilla, 11:14

Screenshot of book of Mozilla in Firefox preview

firefox preview

A sweet little thing that I enjoy using on Android. 🔥🦊

Screenshot of Firefox preview “about”
Privacy settings of Firefox preview

political puppet show, the usual, usa

Source link from Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter at the end:

America’s two-party sock puppet show is always fake. Always. Buying into any part of it supports the whole fake show.
“But the red puppet acts different from the blue puppet!”
Yes. That’s how puppet shows work. Characters act different. Cheering for either is endorsing the lie.

You can absolutely make the case that one of the puppets acts less reprehensibly than the other during the show. But the show always ends the same: everyone in the audience gets a punch in the mouth and has to give all their money to the military.