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the process

“let’s get them into office then we’ll hold their feet to the fire”

You aren’t getting anywhere near those feet.

“if [insert name] gets into office, I’ll resist with every fiber of my being”

Translation: I will begin to use ALL CAPS on social media and increase the profanity.

the news

A mini timeline on getting the news, also to do with growing up.

In my teens and 20’s, I used to read the New York Times and felt that I was “reading up” and being well informed. At least one can hopefully learn about propaganda by reading it, though in my teens, I think I mostly took it at face value. Now I see it as the sickest shit in the world.

I liked my shortwave radio.

Late 70’s, I found Mother Jones when it was starting out. It was pretty good for awhile. I dropped it in the late 90’s when all they could write about was Newt Gingrich for four years solid. By 2016, it was the most status quo clickbait factory in the world and Kevin Drum can go to hell.

I liked Democracy Now! for a long time, but now it’s blown away into la-la land for me.

These days I have to put it together by reading lots of small outlets. I tend to follow journalists by name rather than by organizations. There are a few websites that aggregate well and can sometimes pay for original work.

It’s a piece of work.

historical monuments

After he gets done with Rushmore, maybe he can swing by Stone Mountain, GA. 👍

From my reading this morning:

“the chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Nation Harold Frazier this week said he would willingly tear down Mount Rushmore if given the chance—with or without help—and pay for its destruction personally.”

the thing

I’ve seen a few projects go this way, especially at Burning Man, but other places, too.

A group gets together to do a creative “thing” to make themselves happy and maybe add little something to the world.

The “thing” goes quite well, so well that it attracts others, which is ok up to a point.

The group keeps growing, and inevitably it attracts some corporate workaholic people because they like this good thing, too.

The corporate workaholics are eager to throw their expertise and the resources of their companies behind the thing to make it really great. “We have an advertising department ready to roll.” “Our graphic designers are helping.” “We got the Jumbotron in Times Square!”

It escalates until of them says “my company has a rocket launcher they’re not using and we can put the ‘thing’ on the moon!”

Everybody meant well, but the fun drained right out of it, even though it was wonderful teamwork.

Meanwhile, the original group freaked out, ran away, and started a new “thing” vowing the keep it more under their hats.


triad city beat gets facebook block

Triad City Beat has been a good way to find out what has been going on locally during protests. This media org has gotten the Facebook block. How odd! Even the Mayor of Greensboro is concerned.

morven is dead

I passed through the town of Morven, South Carolina, this morning on the way to work. Over the years I have traveled this route many times and have always noticed the town because I like the name. I think I read a sci-fi novel one time in which one of the characters had this name.

The little downtown of Morven now looks completely dead and is somewhat falling back into the Earth. There was a light on in the post office, but that’s the only “activity” I saw. The area looked like one of those apocalypse scenarios when you wake up one morning and all the humans are gone and have been for a while.

Approaching Morven from one side, then departing from the other, I noticed two houses and one mobile home, each of which had a moving van backed up to it.

I’m just guessing on this part, but I suspect that whoever lives in each dwelling has missed between one and three mortgage (or rent) payments at this point, and the wolf is at the door.

Lotta people on the move in cities and country.

about those ugly modern cadillacs

I used to think of Cadillac cars as being pretty, like something you would want to use to ride to a country club or out to dinner in an expensive restaurant.

Now, to me they look like post-apocalyptic doom: jagged angles, fang-like features, battlefield appropriate.

This cartoon covers a lot of things, but it also touches on that.

Death and surrender to power in the clothing of men

scold me

The more scolding, finger wagging, and chest tapping I get from Internet virtuosos, the more time and money I give to the causes I love. Go ahead, bankrupt me. 😁

I like it!

if you notice something, make a little note

Things like this are fascinating to me. There are a lot of public flight trackers available. A good one is mentioned in the article.

I remember during the rendition flights (I assume they’re still going on), people would spot a plane with strange markings at Miami, for example, and comment about it in a forum. Another person would post that they later saw it parked at London Heathrow. Etc. Curious eyes would track it around the globe.

This shows the potential power of just making notes of things that you see. You never know.

“Classic Air Charters — the same company used as part of the CIA’s black site rendition program during the Bush administration”, also flies ICE detainees with Covid all around the world.

Another one is called Swift Air. There are so many.

Those companies love to fly and it shows! There’s something special in the air.

Exporting COVID-19: ICE Air Conducted Deportation Flights to 11 LAC Countries, Flight Data Shows


Learning a little vocabulary today.

A lot of people know that “tengo hambre” means I’m hungry.

I was reading the news and saw the word “hambruna.” I thought betcha it’s a famine.

Haiti is heading towards one. 😬