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new year’s eve dinner out

New Year’s Eve dinner out with giant Sapporo cans of beer.

Passion Fusion Grille.

random pic 2008

Random photo from 2008.

fat tires

Fat Tire on tap. 🍻

different place this time

At Burger Warfare. It’s not our regular place, but we like it from time to time. I find the Pig Pounder beers to be delicious. These are called Intergalactic Pig.

usual beer

Beers at Vito’s. 🍻

beer wine stockup

lol. It had to be done. 🍷🍻

usual beer

The beers are h’yar. 🍻

vito’s again

The usual Blue Moons at Vito’s. We’ll get back over to M’Coul’s eventually. 🍻

bitter american

I was shopping for wine tonight and saw this package of ale.  I liked the name and the reference to space history.


glub glub in da pub

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