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beers at m’coul’s

Long time since I went to M’Coul’s in Greensboro.

beer hunt

I’m not sure the product locator is accurate, but I’m going to try to track down this beer this weekend. It was really delicious when it was made in Eden, but I don’t know where they make it now.

revive an old habit

I think I’ll start smoking again. American Spirit yellow pack was the best. Pair it with a nearly frozen Miller Genuine Draft. Add shot of tequila if needed.

I’m sorry that beer has nearly vanished from stores. MGD.

I am not going to start smoking.


Beer at Vito’s. 🍺🍺

molson golden

I drank a lot of Molson Golden in my 20’s. It was a favorite. 🍺

drink your lunch

Draft beer lunch. We did order food. 🍻🍻

such a bitter american still

I’m bringing this back from a post from when I was shopping for ale in 2013. Still applies. If the shoe fits…

Doncha wanna be a Bitter American?

new year’s eve dinner out

New Year’s Eve dinner out with giant Sapporo cans of beer.

Passion Fusion Grille.

random pic 2008

Random photo from 2008.

fat tires

Fat Tire on tap. 🍻