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el ron de cuba

Somebody should come over for the holidays and help us catch Havana Syndrome.

Will you have to put out? Required if you CIA. 😁

cuba web servers

Cuba is just SUCH a danger to the world (sarcasm) that their web servers are getting pounded into the dust daily. I can rarely read anything from there anymore.

My guess: Miami.

npr presents the status quo on cuba, what else in new

I let headlines load on my browser’s start page so that Mozilla will get a little revenue. This is a screenshot of one of them. I knew as soon as I saw the lede and the NPR url that the story would be status quo rubbish. It doesn’t take reading anything more than contained in the image to know that.

The article could have been written by the Miami crowd, the White House, and/or any of the “intelligence” agencies.

In the pic, I count all of about 25 “protestors,” not counting the neighborhood people milling about.

Low information disinformation a la NYT, WaPo, and so many others. According to the recent Psaki announcement, maybe NPR should be removed from all social media.

thinking of cuba

Visiting in Havana, Cuba, 2005.

cuba from cancun

Cancun 2010. Cancun has a high number of travel agents per capita. You’re never very far from one . As shown on this board, any of them can get you on a plane to Cuba.

USA, doesn’t matter. Cuba will let you right in, at least they did in 2005 when we went. Cuba will even do you the favor of not stamping your passport so you can lie about it if you wish. That said, you will have an exit stamp from Mexico then a reentry with unexplained time in between.

cuban mystery

We just found this in the garage and neither one of us can remember where we got it.

sancti spíritus 507 years

We walked around the streets and stayed in Sancti Spíritus while in Cuba. Four hours from Havana by car. We went out by bus, returned to Havana by ride share in a Russian car. I think the bus had on the movie “Christine” (1983 US horror film) during the trip out.

Sancti: “it is considered by experts as the most medieval of the first villas founded by the Spaniards”
It is celebrating 507 years. Aerial pic at top.


it’s down 444

Stuff is down this morning in Cuba. I can’t get my morning dose of Granma while on the clock at work.

coches usados y banderas

My morning walk to Popeyes, I spotted something special in the air. 🇨🇺

Right hyar in America! 😉

I learned long ago, that while in Florida, don’t go braggin’ around that ya been there. Sometimes they’ll let fly at you like Mussolini from the balcony.

filme / cine eeuu

Here is a photo of a cinema marquee 1970’s Mexico City. Source: https://www.facebook.com/laciudaddemexicoeneltiempo/photos/a.195987210423307/4113208842034438/

To it I add two pics I took in 2005 in Havana Cuba at the Yara cinema. Gringo movies, lol. “Filme Nortemericano” or “cine norteamericano” or I guess could be “cine estadounidense.”