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that usa to cuba cable

A Cuban friend expressing some rage (quoted below) at the USDOJ moving to block an undersea telecommunications cable from USA to Cuba.

I agree.

A previous POTUS flippantly promised one during a visit years ago. “I’ll have Verizon drop a cable.” Pffft. I didn’t know Verizon took orders from the President. Probably, it’s the other way around.


“And from these people is already madness, frenetic and tireless hatred.”

Y lo de esta gente ya es locura, odio frenético e incansable.

special statue in havana cuba

A “special” statue in Havana, Cuba, from our trip in 2005. You see it?

Most people who live there walk right by, but even some of them will look and smile, especially when they see tourists going at it. It’s a mandatory photo op.

undersea cable from usa to cuba to be denied

Things continue to stay stupid.

USDOJ recommended that the FCC deny an undersea cable connection to Cuba due to risk to USA national security because the equipment on the Cuban end would be owned by… Cuba. 😱

Hell, everything is a risk to USA national security: the wind blowing, sun coming up, etc.

Data and telephone to Cuba is a mess because it has to go alllll the wayyy down and around through Colombia and Venezuela usually.


starving artist in havana 2005

Near the book fair in the previous post was this artist making sketches of the cathedral and plaza.

As is evident in the pic, he was sweet and friendly. I think he had picked up on the gay vibe.

I should have leaned over and gone, “psst! Wanna make $200 real quick?” lol. Nah, we don’t operate like that.

2005 cuba trip

In 2005, my spouse and I sneaked over to Cuba from the USA via Cancun. I always wanted to see it, plus it was kind of a forbidden-fruit type of trip. Everything went great.

Once we got back home, we discovered that my cousin had been over there at the same time with her husband on their honeymoon. Like us, they had been low-key about it, so none of us knew about the others beforehand.

While there. We walked by plenty of portraits, and sometimes a bust, of people like José Martí, Fidel Castro, and Lenin. Not a single one of them rolled its eyes, hissed, or tried to touch us inappropriately.

In the pic below, we went to a book fair in Havana. We were so disappointed that the one in the pic kept blocking our camera view of the books. 😁

religion cuba

“Religion was banned in Cuba years ago. Atheist Cuba.”

No, actually CIA church was banned and sent packin’

fire disaster in cuba

C’mon USA, help your neighbor no strings attached. The crisis from the disaster in Cuba is huge.

fridge magnets

The side of our refrigerator.

Drinkin’ with Cuba and The Pope.

saratoga hotel explosion havana cuba

The hotel explosion yesterday in Havana was the Saratoga. In 2005, we spent an afternoon exploring that area.

Our 2005 pic shows the green Saratoga as seen from the steps of the Capitolio (Capitol Building). The other pic is a recent news one from granma.cu moments after the explosion.

When I heard of the explosion today, the first thing I thought was that Miami did it. Probably not true. It looks to have been a liquefied natural gas explosion.

I’ll be waiting to see what happens to the building. You know it will break hearts to see it come down.

smile for the camera – cuba

A friend of mine from high school posted on Facebook a beautiful pic of cyclists riding along the Malecón in Havana, Cuba. She made the comment, “looks beautiful, but just off to the side, it’s total devastation.”

I thought “what does she know, she’s never been there” (I have). I searched her profile and discovered that indeed she had been there with a mission trip from her church.

I’m thinking that they probably lied to travel like that to Cuba from the USA. I don’t know. If I worked for the Cuban government, I would have sent their asses packing. lol. Keep your religious agenda at home, gringos.

I decided it was not worth interacting with her. I know she’s pretty far gone.

Anyway, my thinking:

— every country in the world pretties up for the international camera

— every country in the world has pretty areas and messed up ones

— let’s talk about how Cuba survives at all with all the sanctions it has to deal with

I went to Cuba in 2005 as a tourist. As a tourist, I can never see that much or really know how things are, but comparing it to other places I’ve been in the world, I just didn’t see much that was out of line or odd. I was impressed. I stayed with friends part of the time and covered a lot of distance.