Monthly Archives: October 2022

melanie again

I was enjoying some dear Melanie this morning. When I was a young’un, the school bus driver used to bring a radio, which was prohibited, but happened anyway. Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) was getting good airplay and would come on many mornings as we children were riding to school. Sometimes the entire bus would sing along. It was a great feeling when facing what was sometimes an unpleasant school day.

Melanie Safka is still living, age 75, and is sometimes on social media.

Song lyrics and poetry regularly pop into my head as I go about my days.

dial it up to hot nuclear

Oh, comforting! I’m not even reading that article.

Gotta be to protecc that “democracy.” 🙄

café americano and some melanie

Starting Sunday with a delicious giant café americano (espresso shots diluted a little with hot water) and a string of songs by Melanie.

Very nice.

search results

An image from my financial institution’s “search results” page.

“Did you find what you were looking for?”

special t-shirts in which to go voting

I’m mail ordering a special t-shirt to wear to the next national election that will make me happy. It’s cryptic enough to where I should be able to get in OK.

It is shipping out of China but is not particularly to do with China.

I ordered a second shirt that is more direct, but I’ll save it for special occasions. 😁

restaurant reviews

You know you’ve seen it.

How to know when a customer is amping up a negative restaurant review for dramatic effect:

“All I did was mention to the manager that I usually get four chicken tenders instead of three with my biscuit. He called me a GD asshole, punched me, and then dragged me to the bathroom and held my head in the toilet. I almost drowned! I’m sorry, one star.” ⭐

take-out chinese food reviewers

The usual song of the one-star take-out Chinese restaurant reviewer is the word “undercooked.”

“My rice was undercooked and there was NO COMPENSATION! One star.”

Poor little Karen’s $4 chow mein was ruined. lol.

When traveling, I read a lot of restaurant reviews to decide where to go and I see this all the time.

telegram channel

I should create a Telegram channel just to rage my ass off. It might be satisfying to scream Into the wilderness.

democrat text spam

I’m getting a heavy flow of unstoppable Democrat text spam.

As for this one, I can’t imagine anything more absurd than donating $20 to the Democratic party. Claw it back from your proxy war. 🤡

Oh, and that stimmi check was short $400. 🖕

famous olive garden salad

Wonder where this could be?

World’s greatest salad, and has been for decades.

I’m not having any today, but Olive Garden has a cheap sweet Italian wine called Confetti. Very refreshing. I could turn up the bottle and chug the whole thing without stopping.