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gay travel long time ago

Old story. Part one.

Pre-Internet traveling abroad, not knowing where to go, arriving Madrid and wanting to dance in a gay club the first night, a quick yet unreliable way was to get into a taxi, and if the driver didn’t look like he’d be bothered by it, ask where to party.

I stopped a few cabs looking for a younger driver who might know what was trendy. All of them were old, so I got in with an old one and asked. He confidently popped it into drive.

He drove me to the red-light district full of sex clubs and workers walking the street. I asked the driver, “but where are the dance clubs?”

He said, “I thought you wanted sex?”

Me, “well sure, maybe later, but I need some hours of drinking and dancing first.”

I paid, got out, and asked some people in the street if they knew. They pointed me to some nice clubs.

Part two. Many years later.

Once the Internet got going, and early way of finding the party places was to go to a net cafe and get on certain channels on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Mérida, Mexico, was well set up in that way. Clear, quick, information, and offers of company to the clubs.

I figured anybody that eager might not be a good date, and I was with my spouse anyway, so we’d just log off and go ourselves. At least in the clubs, we could look somebody over first.

Funny how things go.

80’s friendship memory

Thinking about Chrysler/Dodge (something I wrote elsewhere), decades ago the woman who worked the door at the big gay nightclub on Arnold Street (Wham/Encore!) asked me if she could take me out to lunch the next day in her new car. She wanted me to see it.

She was real sweet, and we liked each other, but I assumed I was just another one of the thousands of faces she saw at the door. Why me?

Even though I didn’t understand the invitation, I readily accepted. She showed up the next day at my place in her new Dodge Diplomat.

It was nice, and I paid many compliments to her for the kind invitation and her car purchase.

All the while I was asking myself who TF would buy a 1980’s Dodge Diplomat, especially a new one. I thought it was weird. Not my car, not my purchase, so if that’s what she wanted, I was pleased for her.

We had a nice lunch out. Fun! Wonderful woman who seemed to care a lot about people. I think she was straight but did tons to see the crowd through the 80’s AIDS horrors.


the rubbers

At Greensboro Pride, Cone Health gave us some condoms, lube, and a drink koozie. They even offered PrEP.

What, am I 19 again? j/k

No, I’m not joking about condoms. Those things saved a lot of lives in the deadly 80’s, though I lost many of my friends anyway. PeEP did not exist then. If you got AIDS, you could be dead from within a few weeks to some months. A few made it for a few years.

Many places, especially the nightclubs, had fishbowls full of condoms all for free.

sbux orgullo comunista grupito refrescante

It’s fully automatic luxurious gay space communism at SBUX. Extra stars, please. ✨

closeted flag

Our rainbow flag is temporarily in the closet. 🏳️‍🌈

orange pride

I’m not into corporate or political gaywashing, but I could use this shirt. 🏳️‍🌈

It’s worth it for the clamps alone. I mean pliers.

sparkling gay

Target’s gay agenda sparkling wine. I feel pressured. Boycott, BOYCOTT! lol

They shovin’ it down my throat again. Hmm!

gay greensboro and guadalajara

Some gay places from long ago. Greensboro and Guadalajara.

mid-80’s new year’s eve in monica’s guadalajara

I spent one New Year’s Eve in Guadalajara, maybe ’84 or ’85. A bunch of us went to the big gay disco, called Monica’s, for the midnight party.

Just after midnight, the music stopped. I thought, “no way!”

In marched a rockin’ mariachi band that the bar had hired that played most of the night. Some of them looked a little nervous when they surveyed the crowd. 😀

It was funny to see drag queens and a disco full of gay people stomping out those traditional dances. I didn’t know how to do them, but plenty were willing to teach.

The disco also had a kitchen. After midnight, they opened the service area and the food came rolling out. Massive.

What a party.

old story from my teen years

Very old story.

I worked on Patterson Avenue in Greensboro today. It reminded me of my first serious crush. I was 16, he was 19, so I felt he was old and probably about right for me. Name was Carl, and he worked in a building on Patterson.

I met him at a party and gave him my phone number and told him to be careful because I was afraid of my family finding out. He was completely out, fearless, and left obvious messages on the family answering machine which caused me great anxiety.

When I told him not to do that, he said, “I’ll leave the ball in your court until you grow up.” I was especially hurt by the flippant sports ball/court reference.

It goes to show that sometimes one’s first crush is to a stinker.

Years later, I was pleased to run into him again until he said, “I wanted to date you when we were teenagers, but I left the ball in your court and you didn’t return the volley.”

That recurring flippant sports reference hurt even more the second time.

All that pain just from driving on Patterson Ave. today.

Some of my later crushes were much much better.