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Group Behind Central Park Coronavirus Tent Hospital Asks Volunteers To Support Anti-Gay Agenda

Here we go again with the Grahams (#1 thing to do in Charlotte). Billy Graham sought the right hand of Presidents through the decades. The Graham industry reminds me of Anita Bryant (Florida oranges circa 1970’s) but has much more power.

I shouldn’t have gone, but I had lunch one time at the Cracker Barrel restaurant nearest the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte. The talk I heard in there was amazing! I shoulda worn a Pride shirt.

I walk by the Samaritan’s Purse “Operation Christmas Child” warehouse and packing center in Charlotte all the time. I think they pack up little boxes of things to give to children in African countries in front of cameras which unsustainably goofs up local economies. How that giant luxurious building on Nations Ford Road can sit all but idle most of the year is beyond me. I suspect tax “incentives” all over. Maybe like Hobby Lobby, it resembles a church.

There is also a freighter jet from Samaritan’s Purse that sits out at Greensboro airport regularly.

In NYC, “The Purse” will serve “the gays”, kinda nice, but don’t come volunteering.

Group Behind Central Park Coronavirus Tent Hospital Asks Volunteers To Support Anti-Gay Agenda

social media management

I’m amused when somebody friends me on MeWe because I manage a group they are in, which makes my personal posts appear on their timeline, then they see one of my LGBT posts go by, so they unfriend me but stay in the group. I then mentally mark them for scrutiny. 🙂 👢

When people unfriend for that reason, I just call it “trash that takes itself out”. Friend requests that come in without some lead up are usually rubbish anyway. 🗑

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