Monthly Archives: September 2022

melania christmas

I just got the email on this one.

It’s the Melania Trump designed and signed Christmas ornament. One of the many. Comes with one of those useful NFT’s.

Is the perfect gift for friends and family of any political persuasion.

Your friends overseas will especially want one, but they will be too shy to ask, so just go ahead and send one out.

I predict a roaring black market for them in those been-f****d-over countries, like Germany, Cuba, anywhere in Latin America really. Such a gift will help them come into the fold of righteousness.

good food in charlotte

I could eat it every day.

I could live off this Honduran, Salvadoran, Mexican. Maybe throw in occasional Jamaican and a Golden Corral buffet.

breakfast coffee setup in restaurant

What a pretty coffee and breakfast setup. I’m back at the Honduran Salvadoran restaurant in Charlotte that’s open for breakfast. Got my order in.

Recital Time

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve done a recital. This past spring I made the commitment to put together a recital for the end of summer. It was originally schedule August 13th, but I got the dreaded Covid 4 days before. Now the rescheduled date of October 8th is fast approaching. This is […]

Recital Time

political webinar

Tonight’s webinar. Chris Hedges, Matthew Hoh.

Condemn me, criticize me, release the bot armies. 🖕☺️

such luxury lodging

It’s the stunning view from my hotel room. It’s not bad, actually. I like that there are not many people here.

I think some of the cars in the parking lot are in working order. At least none of them are on fire.

a fair exchange

“Can you help me top up my cell phone?”

— “You know the rules. Three good selfies first.” 📸


chilaquiles and coffee

Chilaquiles and coffee for breakfast in Charlotte. It will be the highlight of my week, maybe the whole month.

OMG, this plate is insane!

church basement

For a moment, I was down in the basement of the church where I visited today for music reasons. I found a pool table, ping-pong, foosball, and a nearby refrigerator for my beer!

me? in church?

I have sneaked into the Presbyterian sanctuary for the pre-service warmup and service.

They have real Bibles in here and everything. 😆

Organ sounding good. So far I have not burst into flames. 😂

My spouse is playing clarinet here today.