Monthly Archives: September 2022

chilaquiles and coffee

Chilaquiles and coffee for breakfast in Charlotte. It will be the highlight of my week, maybe the whole month.

OMG, this plate is insane!

church basement

For a moment, I was down in the basement of the church where I visited today for music reasons. I found a pool table, ping-pong, foosball, and a nearby refrigerator for my beer!

me? in church?

I have sneaked into the Presbyterian sanctuary for the pre-service warmup and service.

They have real Bibles in here and everything. 😆

Organ sounding good. So far I have not burst into flames. 😂

My spouse is playing clarinet here today.

democrat angst candy

It doesn’t bother me because I haven’t revolved my life around it for the last six to eight years.

old ussr straight key


It’s an old USSR military straight key. It’s supposed to be bolted to a table and hooked to a radio, not held in the hand. 📡

video link of key in action

margaret kimberley

Margaret Kimberley ❤️

road food

I’m in a Food Lion supermarket in Altavista, Virginia, and was looking forward to working for the store by using the self checkout.

There wasn’t one. Pretty disappointed. ☹️

The deli case there was exquisite this morning. Set me up nicely for lunch on the road. 🥗🥪

bolsheviks in the washroom

As a child, I used to read Reader’s Digest to improve reading skills, because it’s kind of simple and the word games were fun.

Then one day I realized there was something wrong with that magazine. It had me checkin’ in the bathroom for Bolsheviks.

news data gobbler

I don’t care. You can get a buttload of news on Telegram.

It has data-conserving settings, but I like the full experience.

starz ‘n barz

Damn. It wouldn’t unfurl for the picture.

It’s on US-29 at Blairs, Virginia, in case you feel the need to come out and sit with it.