Monthly Archives: November 2017

lonely carts club

Owner of a lonely heart
Much better than a
Owner of a broken cart

Cast off
May they one day again know the feeling of weight on their bearings
The loving grip of a shopper’s hands
And never get a flappy wheel

it happens

“boozy dancing flame”  🍷🕺  🔥

Sleep it off and try to go on with your life the next day.


I’m liking these California zinfandels (the two outer bottles).  They dance around on the tongue, flame the sinuses, and seem quite boozy.  It’s a lotta fun from grapes.IMG_20171122_042835

riding those limeys

Brian and I tried out the Lime Bikes for the first time today.  They have been showing up in greater numbers all over town.  You get multiple free rides at first to get used to things. Easy, comfortable.

David and Brian still here as of November, 2017

After My Opera closed the community, I stopped long-form blogging and began to rely only on Google Plus and Facebook.

I can still be reached and followed on Google Plus or messaged by using the Contact tab on this blog.  Please say hello.  Brian and I are always looking to reconnect with old friends or make new ones.