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Elderly Sasha on the left who just had a good checkup with the vet today.

Younger JJ on the right who is suffering from a touchy tummy today after gobbling rabbit droppings in the yard. I think he’d prefer to take most of his meals that way regardless of the consequences. I might have to start taking him out on the leash.

the dogs will seed

Freshly washed bath mat, AKA pee pad, just put down in the bathroom. The one in the other picture will be in shortly to “seed” it.

bed take over by dogs

I’m thinking about going to bed, and the bed gets taken over.

dog morning

Lazy morning for the dog family. Walkies later.


We all stayed up late and slept late. Dog breakfasts have been served, and now they are waiting for a Saturday slate of meaningful activities.

jj in the car coming home

Sweet JJ got an ear infection. Fortunately we saw symptoms early, so we hope treatment will be easy.
Here he is ready to come home from the vet.

the red comfort bone

JJ dozing and protecting his comfort bone.


Sweet Lucy. We miss her so much. She lived a long time and was a wonderful girl.

Every dog we adopted, she took them on as a friend.

can you give me a minute to make the bed?

Get off of it! LOL

outside with the club

In The Preserve with dogs.