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Sweet Lucy. We miss her so much. She lived a long time and was a wonderful girl.

Every dog we adopted, she took them on as a friend.

can you give me a minute to make the bed?

Get off of it! LOL

outside with the club

In The Preserve with dogs.

dog things

Every dog pillow in the house is washed and clean smelling. Let the vomiting begin. 🤮🐶🐾😁♥️

sweet jj

JJ, AKA “The Jaybird,” looking cute.

jj – aka the jaybird

He does this on purpose with no assistance. JJ

smalldogclub expenses

In 6 months, a 30 lb (13.6 kg) bag of Wellness dry dog food has increased by $20 ($39 to $59). Lot of ’em like that. #smalldogclub members chow it down.

cold weather sofa passout

Another amazing sofa passout.

sofa passout with dogs

A complete passout with 2/3 of the #smalldogclub


The current status of our SmallDogClub is the three members seen in the pics. We lost two of the elderly ones in 2021. Sometimes we adopt old, so they aren’t with us that long. Regardless of age, we try to make sure all of them have a nice life.