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tropical storm going over

Dogs won’t go outside because of rain and wind from a tropical storm. It gets calm outside for a moment, so I’ll let them out, and an ambulance going by ruins it. 🌀🌬️🌧️🐾

jj and the toys

JJ with three of his things. He keeps them close.

dog dinners are served

Elaborate dog dinner ritual.

Haute cuisine. Alta cocina. Alta kuirarto. 🍷


small dog snuggle club

Second weekend in a row. Another triple-dog-dare-ya sofa snuggle up. 🐶🐶🐶


whirled dog

He wasn’t in the house ten seconds before he had himself whirled up in his camouflage hideaway.

#jj #smalldogclub


Midge, named by her first human companion, was a very good girl. Her first human was going into long-term care, so my mother was asked to care for Midge. My mother then asked me to care for her. She lived to a very old age. The vet called her “the world’s oldest living Chihuahua”. She outlived enough humans to where we didn’t know how old she was. Pic from 2003.

Small Dog Club posthumous honorary member.


pack ride

Five-dog pack loaded in the truck ready for a ride. It’s a happy time for everybody.


hanging out with Paco

Just hanging out this morning with Paco. He has a blade of grass stuck to his nose. It just fell off.

old dog sleeping

Front and back views of an elderly sleeping dog. He’s our baby.


sweet small dog

#smalldogclub #smalldogpride