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sofa passout with JJ

Gigantic sofa pass out with JJ last night after watching three episodes of Squid Game back to back.

small dog passout

Complete pass out. It’s JJ. 🐶

very sensitive hearing when needed

I tiptoe to the kitchen and close the door behind me. Door gets thrown open with looks of “what do you think you’re doing?”

dog sleepers

This is the way we like to sleep.


Though it would be the wrong end, it looks like she’s got a thong on. 👙

me, ebony, gandi

Selfie with Ebony and my favorite domain registrar on shirt.

small dog club surveillance

Aerial dog surveillance. One passed out, the other pretty close.

dog in a bag

Dog in a bag. Her name is Ebony, our latest elderly adoptee.

We’re practicing with her in a bag to see if this might work.

sunny boy

Every morning, JJ likes his sunnies in this same hot spot. 🌞

will sasha get glasses?

How to measure the pupillary distance on a dog. 🐾👓