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cold weather sofa passout

Another amazing sofa passout.

sofa passout with dogs

A complete passout with 2/3 of the #smalldogclub


The current status of our SmallDogClub is the three members seen in the pics. We lost two of the elderly ones in 2021. Sometimes we adopt old, so they aren’t with us that long. Regardless of age, we try to make sure all of them have a nice life.

dinner stare

The riveting unnerving stare means her internal stomach clock has played the urgent dinner chime. đź””

smalldogclub member jj

JJ, my sofa buddy as I watch Dark Shadows on PlutoTV channel.

the burrower

There’s a dog under that blanket. JJ, “the burrower.”

who wants cheese?

The dogs requested the Tillamook Cheddar. They no longer like the store brand.

Yeah, right. If I’m yelling out the word “cheese” while serving, they’ll eat most anything I have in my hand.

dog snuggleup


small dog club passout

Huge sofa passout with JJ.

sofa passout with JJ

Gigantic sofa pass out with JJ last night after watching three episodes of Squid Game back to back.