Monthly Archives: April 2021


I went on a bike ride today to help my arthritic knee. It’s one of the best things.

I am now old enough to take Social Security. Still mulling over what to do about that.

closed golden corral restaurant

The old Golden Corral on Lawndale plus back parking lot.

As close as it is, I didn’t go that often, but when I did it was usually quite nice. Pleasant atmosphere.

Sometimes I rely on Golden Corral for the big salad bar when I’m traveling for work. Golden Corral often has amazingly good service.

desert destruction

The wonder of storytelling. Border stories. Hia C-ed O’odham. Arizona. Desert destruction.

roman music nerds

As strange as this sounds, they are kind of my type. Weird, nerdy. 🤓

This is a poster about a music festival that was all over Rome.

rome texas connection

This date 2019. As I was taking this picture, a call rolls in on my cell from a friend in Texas. It felt weird.

Used to, international roaming was insanely expensive.

will sasha get glasses?

How to measure the pupillary distance on a dog. 🐾👓

stick shift

From the time I started legally driving, and for a long time thereafter, I viewed a standard (stick shift) transmission as something that made driving fun.

Then I got old and  now view it as something that makes my arthritic left knee hurt like hell. Pushing in that clutch is not always easy.

whaddabout this one?

It has long been to the point that I don’t believe (and probably never will) a single word any western person says about China, Russia, Iran, and many other places.

I don’t do research projects to refute the endless whataboutisms every time somebody findz ’em a new one and swears that it’s THE ONE that proves something.

me shitposte

We really are still friends, but a long-time one on FB is recently repeatedly bothered by my mild evasive political posts and feels the need to intervene.

I hold back from saying, “I’ve watched your nutcasery go by for years and haven’t once jumped in there.”

For my own fun, I’m now targeting with some posts to incite. 😁

harvey milk

Using my last Harvey Milk stamp today on a birthday card. I ordered so many.