80’s friendship memory

Thinking about Chrysler/Dodge (something I wrote elsewhere), decades ago the woman who worked the door at the big gay nightclub on Arnold Street (Wham/Encore!) asked me if she could take me out to lunch the next day in her new car. She wanted me to see it.

She was real sweet, and we liked each other, but I assumed I was just another one of the thousands of faces she saw at the door. Why me?

Even though I didn’t understand the invitation, I readily accepted. She showed up the next day at my place in her new Dodge Diplomat.

It was nice, and I paid many compliments to her for the kind invitation and her car purchase.

All the while I was asking myself who TF would buy a 1980’s Dodge Diplomat, especially a new one. I thought it was weird. Not my car, not my purchase, so if that’s what she wanted, I was pleased for her.

We had a nice lunch out. Fun! Wonderful woman who seemed to care a lot about people. I think she was straight but did tons to see the crowd through the 80’s AIDS horrors.


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