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disco music and that strange summer job

When I first noticed the musical style called “disco” in the 1970’s, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing in the world. “thumpa-chunka-thumpa-chunka”, oh brother. I spent several years recoiling in revulsion every time I heard it.

As soon as I got my drivers license in the 70’s, I got a summer job at the airport cleaning and waxing private airplanes, like Cessnas and Beechcrafts. I always took a big ol’ honkin’ radio with me, and that’s when I noticed that awful disco shit coming on all the time.

After awhile, that feeling did a 180. There are not many things I like better. I still listen to disco almost every day. At times, it still brings on a craving for alcohol, or whatever, and the desire of thrashing about on a dance floor. đź•ş

If you hate disco, I completely understand. I have been there.

drag race jeopardy

Alex Trebek appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Dayyum!

the usual dog problems

With all these DOGS we have, the vacuum-cleaner bag has to be changed every session.

decent coffee without spending a lot

Various things things to make coffee slung up waiting for a wash.


— Bialetti moka pot (makes espresso)
— Bodum French press
— Clever Dripper (pairing the functionality of a French Press with the convenience of a drip brewer)

Not pictured:

— Hario coffee mill
— Rival automatic drip (cheap! $7)

I like experimenting with inexpensive coffee-making equipment.

The moka pot is great for espresso. For normal coffee, of the equipment I have, the French press and the cheap automatic drip machine produce the best results. The Rival machine is surprisingly good. I take it with us on camping trips when there will be electricity. If no electricity, all the others work well with a camp stove.

el poder de la palabra

Some big companies have good people running the social media. and merriam-webster wield words like a sword on Twitter and handle people who need handling with loads of sass and humor. I love that. It reminds me of good poetry: lots of meaning wrapped up in few words.

I saw Netflix go after somebody who was complaining about the confusion of gender roles and identities after Netflix posted a pic. The Netflix response was something like, “Do you realize that is Jennifer Lopez?” That was a master stroke of economy of words and skilled humiliation. Loved it.



Instead of making fun of some bishop at a wedding, I’ll put on some George Harrison and post a picture of toast.

#edifying #topbrownonly

mentally devoid

I’m having a hard time this morning finding something to satirize. Maybe another cup of coffee..


The first full-length novel that I picked out and read all by myself was The Exorcist (1971). I got off to a good start.

It was sold out all over town, but I called around and found it at Straughan’s on Lawndale. I got my mother to take me over there “to get something important and can I have four dollars?”

She was pissed when she saw what I got. By the time we got back home, she changed that to, “well, I guess it’s good you are reading.”


I like it when a website interferes with a right click to make copy/paste harder, yet CTL+C and CTL+V (or middle click) still work fine.

bluegrass state

Q: I wonder if the capital of Kentucky is pronounced LEWIS-ville or LOUIE-ville?

A: It’s pronounced Frankfort.

(Brian actually heard this on a bus one time)