Monthly Archives: April 2022

tpir again

We’ve been getting into these 24/7 1980’s Barker-Era “The Price is Right” (TPIR) on PlutoTV.

There’s a lot to like:

— Danger! Contestants sometimes fall into the wheel.

— Sexism. “Women aren’t very good at Blank Check.”

— More sexism. Women have to reach into Barker’s coat pocket to get a $100 bill. Men, he just hands it to them.

— Porn. Barker’s Beauties.

— Backstory. The lawsuits.

— Weird racial comments. “You look like an Asian extraction.”

— Tension. Barker sometimes belittles or gets into it with contestants.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of family fun. There is something for everyone.

the daily telephone spam

Just a small slice of the daily ring and hangups from the car warranties and “welcome to Spectrum.” The telcos act like they’re powerless against them.

Spectrum and AT&T are also guilty for having a business model that supports spam signups.

No wonder voice calls have dropped to the bottom in popularity. All voice calls to my number go directly to voicemail unless on a starred list, except my work phone. I’m required to take all those.

On the rise, text spam, often to 100’s of recipients at a time. This is the reason I won’t phone bank or do political text spam for anybody. It’s not good to play with people’s phones.

One time I was trying to get an ambulance for my mother and had to ask the dispatcher to keep repeating the instructions because some jackass from India kept having at my line. I ended up losing a call from the hospital because of it.

A secondary role of the spam callers is to detect and exploit the elderly with dementia. The call centers have specialists that they activate for that.


One of the many things I like about Mexico’s culture is that it’s quite open and sociable.

In my early 20’s (1980’s), I found that a nice way to get language practice and meet people was to buy a local paper and sit in the main plaza reading it. It wouldn’t take long until somebody would walk by and ask, “you can read that?”

Me: “well, some of it.”

A big ol’ chat would start up. I loved it.

If you grab a bench in those plazas, somebody is going to stop by to engage. It’s a given. I made my heart good and glad to be alive. ❤️

There are a few I met that way I continued to know for years.

looking for (birdbath) tops

We now have three birdbath bases in need of a top. It’s not the first time the world has faced a shortage of tops. 😁

This one is just missing the top. We have two others that have gone porous.

car warranty expiration

The car warranty scam calls are now coming at me in multiple languages.


PlutoTV (streaming service) has very pleasant episodes of The Price is Right running 24/7.

I find the 1980s appliance brands intriguing: Gibson, Tappan, Speed Queen.

Also fun, the mildly pornographic Barker’s beauties.

lemon vs gay twink cake

Harris Teeter’s (supermarket) lemon cake is much better than that gay-tease rainbow cake they have.

The rainbow cake reminds me of things dancing in the disco long time ago. They looked good under the disco lights, but it was for sure if you took one home, it wouldn’t be very good. 🌈🎂


If everybody leaves Twitter who says they’re going to, it might be pretty nice over there.

health care as fun shopping

Oh, fun! This just came in from my insurer.

When I need health care, the first thing I think of is shopping and getting a reward. More stupid games to play. Health care as shopping, like picking out a shirt at a department store. Having chest pains? Wait! I need to shop a reward.

Who am I going to vote for in upcoming elections? Who/whatever can crash all this shit the fastest.

lunch in lynchburg

Having lunch at the Golden Corral in Lynchburg, VA, that adjoins Liberty University campus.

I need to find me a Liberty U student to groom. Surely they warn them over there about people like me. 🤣