waking up and not feeling half bad

Yesterday I complained about some friends bragging about being happy. I tried to assist them in getting it to pass, but this morning I wake up feeling OK myself. It's probably from finally sleeping properly after working 3rd shift twice this week.

A couple of things follow that made me laugh a little as I made the morning coffee.


I often play net radio all night because I like the soft background "beats and grooves" as I sleep. This morning I wake up to E.U.'s "Da Butt" coming out of the computer. During the 1980's I found that tune to be annoying, but decades later it hits me as funny. I remember the people in the clubs wagging their asses all over the place to that tune.


The pasta wars are running their course over here. Sometimes they can even be the main course. The chairman of pasta maker Barilla tells me and my friends to eat something else. In response, Bertolli steps up to the plate and basically says, "ya'll come eat over here."

Two of my favorite parts of the Bertolli response:

  • "Love and pasta for all!"
  • "Bertolli welcomes everyone, especially those with an empty stomach"

There's a cute video on the Adweek webpage.

I like the pasta families in the image below:

8 responses to “waking up and not feeling half bad

  1. OMG! Even if it's exploitation marketing, I love it. The video was great! Thank you for sharing this. I might not have seen it, otherwise. Maybe Bertolli really is all about, "Love and pasta for all!"We'll have to watch what the bigotry fallout will be. Haven't heard any yet. Not that I want to mock those people, or anything… :whistle:

  2. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    Not that I want to mock those people, or anything

    I know you wouldn't do that. I don't either. *wink*

  3. We were out shopping. It had to be done.

  4. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    It had to be done.

    Cool. Sweet. Easy Garlicky. ;)The wine flavor reminds me of [what was called] syrups at International House of Pancakes when I was a kid. God knows what was in them, but the blackberry was really exceptional to my 8 year old palate. I'll be looking for some Bertolli this weekend.

  5. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    I'll be looking for some Bertolli this weekend.

    I like the "vodka sauce" quite a bit though it is a total laxative. lol.In the past, I didn't like the sweet NC wines. Now I love 'em. I even chill the "reds", like the one in the picture.I, too, liked IHOP as a kid. Now I think all the stuff there is pre-made and turbocharged with sweeteners and fats. It's the only breakfast place that's guaranteed to wreck my digestive system.

  6. :up: not eating many carbs these days, but for the good of the cause, I may slug some PC pasta this week.

  7. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    I may slug some PC pasta this week.

    The Bertolli sauce wasn't half bad for a typical store jar. I had to get the store brand pasta. Target only had store brand and Barilla.Both the Barilla and Bettolli sauces were on sale. I didn't check out the Bertolli freezer dinners. I'm sure they're packed with goofy ingredients like most frozen food is.

  8. That was a very cool little video. And it’s the oldest page in the marketing book, after all: sex sells!


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’re beginning to wonder what’s wrong with our own pasta fantasies. They never have had waiters like THAT!

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