Monthly Archives: December 2022

end of year margaritas

End of year Margaritas at Mexico Restaurant on West Market. 🍸

Difficulty level of sitting up at table after drinking them = 4

doctor’s office: depression screener or pharma fishing

I mean yeah, all the time, but no more than usual, so no need to open up that Pandora’s Box.

This was on a sheet of several sections of questions provided to me prior to my physical exam.

If one needs assistance for these things, it should be sought, but I view this as a “pharma” fishing expedition. My doctor watches for these issues anyway. I can tell it and think it’s ok that they handle it through conversation mostly. I was warned years ago by the doctor that significantly positive answers require followup, so answer with care and don’t play around.

I assume this questionnaire can be declined, but I just make the little circles and go on.

twitter log on malfunction

WTF is it now?

(Image is Twitter log on screen malfunction on mobile)

good target coupon

A good coupon that came in the mail for little reason because we go to Target all the time anyway.

Low minimum, and the exclusions are easily avoidable things that are basically price-fixed with big margins: Dyson, beats, Samsung, etc.

Two or three grocery items will meet the minimum.

good list

That’s a crazy as hell list right there. Do not attempt at home.

white house kwanzaa

Now that the POTUS and the FLOTUS have done Kwanzaa, I can now say that I have had a full life. 😂

dehydrated tomatoes

Tomatoes from that cheap food dehydrator I bought for myself recently. Better than I thought they would be.

I should get a Bass-o-Matic to go with the dehydrator.

(Image: the dried tomatoes in a container. Very red.)

orange crush

It’s a good night for a giant vodka cocktail that’ll knock ya right out. Medicinal.

Recipe is Orange Crush from the handy Drinkable app. It’s supposed to be shot glass size, but I just up the quantities and make it a tumbler.



Pictures of the two vodka cocktails with bottle of vodka in background

Screenshot of Orange Crush recipe from drinkable app

lipton iced tea

Such an ordinary brand, but it’s the one my mother always used, and her iced tea was really good, so I continue to buy. It’s the time of the year when these little memories become so important.

Fixing the iced tea for the big lunch.

christmas tree light tradition

Things spouses say to each other. 😃

Since I was a child, a family tradidtion was to leave the Christmas tree lights on all night from Christmas Eve night into Christmas day. No particular reason for it, but I liked it so I always continued it.

Last night spouse forgets and turns off the lights at bedtime, so that left it wide open for me to sigh and say, “another family tradition MERCILESSLY shat upon!” 😂

All I had to do was walk over to the switch and turn them back on. 😈

It’s all done in fun. It really is! ❤️