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The fun feeling of using a Linux command to format a storage card to a Windows file system. The camera was struggling to format it, so I stuck it in a card reader and had the desktop do it.

Good ol’ universal FAT32.

usual linux fun

Manjaro or Linux Mint. I’ve used both and both are superb. I’ve currently had the Manjaro on for months.

Over the decades, I’ve had many including Slackware and Debian. Those have been awhile.

Such agonizing decisions. For me they are all fun though some bring on occasional profanity.

Put that /home directory in a separate partition and you can distro swap lickety split.

xfce panel items – there are many

There’s a lot on that desktop panel. I only use one panel, so it has to do it all.


All because I had four hours at work on Friday with nothing to do, but still getting paid, and was mad that the Ubuntu Budgie wasn’t as perfect as I’d hoped, I did too much reading and put Manjaro Linux on the new computer once I got home.

It’s HOT! Lovin’ it. If you love Linux, I love you, too. lol. You know who you are. 💋

This is the first time in many years that I have not run Debian, or something Debian based, like some Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

It’s a big, but fun, change for me.

My Linux timeline since 1997: Red Hat, SuSE, Slackware (10 years!), a smattering of BSD’s various Ubuntus, Linux Mint, now Manjaro. Love ’em. There have been a few tawdry flings, like Puppy Linux and Minix.

I admit, it’s a bit of an illness.

new ‘puter – been a long time

I bought some new hardware with an Intel Core i7 12700 Dodeca-Core Processor: 2.1/4.9GHz.

Dodeca. I like the sound of that.

I’m breaking it in with Ubuntu Budgie, lol.

Ubuntu Budgie

UbuntuDDE – Linux

I have been curious about UbuntuDDE, which is Ubuntu with the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE). DDE is the desktop environment of the Deepin Linux distribution.

“Deepin is the top Linux distribution from China, devoted to providing a beautiful, easy-to-use, safe, and reliable operating system for global users.” (Wuhan Deepin Technology Co.,Ltd)

It is supposed to be “Beautiful and Wonderful,” so I had to see it. I downloaded the image and booted live from USB stick.

It really seems to be beautiful and wonderful. I played with it for a few, took this screenshot of the default desktop, then went back to my usual system, which is Linux Mint with Xfce desktop.

I didn’t spend much time with UbuntuDDE due to being very pleased with what I already use. I can keep it in mind for the future.

linux mint

My desktop computer might be nearly ancient, but the operating system is fresh as a daisy. Riding Miss Daisy. 🌼

NAME=”Linux Mint”
VERSION=”20.2 (Uma)”
PRETTY_NAME=”Linux Mint 20.2″

microsoft edge browser for linux

It seems weird to see Microsoft Edge browser available for Linux. Who’da thunk it?

It’s interesting. I’m happy with Firefox and Vivaldi browsers, so I don’t think I’ll need Edge.


zareason computers is gone

I was sorry to see that online Linux custom-built computer store, zareason, went out of business on 24 November, 2020.

Their e-mail newsletters were fun. The products and prices were good.

I e-mailed them one time during the first Covid summer when we had a computer giving trouble to see if they had a certain model in stock and ready to ship. In classic good spirits, I got a reply that said, “we have multiples ready to ship, overnight if desired, and how many do you want?”

I thought that was sweet to ask how many. Oh, just a dozen, lol.

Fortunately Greensboro has a store called Intrex that custom builds computers, so I’ve gotten several there, but it could have boiled down to who could get me one first, so I always kept zareason in mind.

Anyway, sorry about zareason having to close.



Dear people we have loved, supplied, supported, and possibly disappointed over the years, ie, our customers,

As many have noticed, our product line has been getting smaller and our tech support has been slowing down to a crawl. Unfortunately, the pandemic has been the final KO blow. It has hit our little town hard and we have not been able to recover from it. As of Tuesday, 11/24/20 17:00 EST ZaReason is no longer in business. If you have a computer from us, we hope that it gives you a long and solid lifespan. If it does not and you would like warranty work done, we regret there are no employees who can answer those questions or do service repair. Employees usually want to be paid and without sales there is no income to pay them.

Thankfully, there are a few places you can turn to for possible support:

Forums online — there are so many based on different distros. We hesitate to recommend one over another but there are many.
Linux support groups — if you haven’t accessed these yet, you may be surprised at the generosity and depth of knowledge. Just keep in mind that whoever you are reaching out to is not being paid to answer your questions. Generosity is a wonderful thing; don’t take it for granted
Manfactuer’s warranty — while we cannot advise you whether or not this will work or if Sager, Nvidia, or others will honor manfactuer’s warranties, sometimes this is an option. Tell them that the company you purchased the computer from is closed, out of business, and they should be able to provide clear information on whether or not they honor manfactuer’s warranties.
Note that when a business dies, the warranty dies with it. We know this part is hard to accept — it is sad, disappointing, and unsurprising that ZaReason is shutting down. There are many, many reasons but sickness and parts shortages are the top two. At this point, there is no other option. We wish you the best and we hope both you and your computers are healthy and thriving.


To have more fun with the new headphones, I added an equalizer to Mizz Sweet Lady Linux box. Workin’ fine.

Ah, the beauty. 🎶