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browser IP check

The browser / IP address combination I have is deemed “suspicious”, so many sites put me on a wait while attempting a probe. 😝
screenshot showing cloudflare delaying a website visit

screenshot showing cloudflare delaying a website visit

whopper breasts

We are back doing this again. Per the internet memes, we should have breasts by tomorrow. 🍔

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Brian holding paper Burger King Crown showing words impossible Whopper

creepy knife advert on TV

I like to notice advertising when it’s especially creative or weird. Last night’s ad that I noticed was weird. Creepy.

It was for a set of knives, super sharp knives, like the Yoshi Blade, but not that particular product.

Typical for this type of ad, the person was slicing up all kinds of difficult and hard objects, and then showing that the knife could still slice a ripe tomato perfectly.

The last item was an entire fish hanging in the air from its tail. It was the size of a large mackerel. I flinched because I knew what was coming. The person took a swipe at it, cutting it in half, and the front half of the fish fell to the floor. It might as well have been alive and wiggling, or maybe they could do the same to a cat hanging from its hind feet.

It just didn’t seem that the ad was well thought out, though the final ripe tomato was still sliced perfectly.

mobile l’trine

If you go to Target on Lawndale, you can enjoy the new outdoor honey wagon. 🚽 🍯

Portable bathroom trailer in front of Target store

wheel-spinning documentation

Some of big elaborate lies come from from people who have books or movies to promote. Some have so much “documentation” that you could never check a fraction of it, so you check none of it. Part of that is to frustrate your response.

I used to get comments packed with links on a blog I had years ago. The implication was “check all these links before you respond to me.”

I called it “wheel spinning” the user. Assign a huge research project to the reader to thwart replies. Much of it was copy/paste that the person kept on hand ready to go, so it often didn’t make much sense.

two old desktop faves

A couple of sweet little things that I enjoy using on desktop.

#firefox #thunderbird

book of mozilla firefox preview

about:mozilla will take you there.

The Beast adopted new raiment and studied the ways of Time and Space and Light and the Flow of energy through the Universe. From its studies, the Beast fashioned new structures from oxidised metal and proclaimed their glories. And the Beast’s followers rejoiced, finding renewed purpose in these teachings.

from The Book of Mozilla, 11:14

Screenshot of book of Mozilla in Firefox preview

firefox preview

A sweet little thing that I enjoy using on Android. 🔥🦊

Screenshot of Firefox preview “about”
Privacy settings of Firefox preview

rainbow candy

It’s the amazing Russell Stover agenda. 🌈

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Russell Stover Valentine chocolates in rainbow colored packaging

Russell Stover Valentine chocolates in rainbow colored packaging

terry jacks a lot

Goodbye papa, please pray for me
I was the oveja negra de la familia
We had joy, we had fun
We had estaciones en el sol
pero el vino y la canción
ya se fueron con el sol