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potus tweet: do not attempt this at home – for demonstration purposes only

Curiously bizarre Tweet for entertainment purposes only. 🤞

guatemala video

I’ve been studying these issues for 40+ years.

Early 1980’s, a US magazine reporter (can’t remember now which), crawled on his stomach for long distances to discover entire villages wiped out. Everybody dead. The photography was grisly.

Then, 2021, Empire Queen, Kamala do-not-come-to-US Harris, makes her first international trip after taking office to hang out with the Guatemalan President. Sickening.

Guatemala: CIA’s Permanent Backyard

usa olympic shit fittery

Well, I’m just shocked AF. USA has yet another Olympic shit fit. Who’da thunk it.

just a pithy trillion dollars

thought it said, “USA spent more than a BILLION dollars during 20 years of war in Afghanistan”

What a bargain. Seems kinda cheap.

Then I remembered that BILLIĂ“N in Spanish is TRILLION in English. So, it’s “USA spent more than a TRILLION dollars during 20 years of war in Afghanistan”


Yeah sure, short an intermittent stimulus check by $600, give every large business in the city a tax “abatement,” and still somehow get dopes to sit on their asses downtown in front of cameras and beg for their taxes to be raised to pay city salaries.

All those yachts in Dubai Harbour, it’s maritime lifestyle like no other!


2008 washington dc

July 2008. Well, it had to be done.

usa great seal

The perfect gift for anyone, anywhere in the world.

The Great Seal of the United States of America.

arizona-sonora border crossing in the early 90s

From ’92 to ’94, Brian and I lived in Tempe, Arizona. Sometimes we liked an adventure drive (about three hours) to the US/Mexico border to eat and go shopping. The scenery was beautiful, and the drive was partly through Native American lands, about which I had curiosity.

We usually went to Lukeville, AZ/Sonoyta, Sonora. The border crossing back and forth was easy, I suspect because we presented a certain “appearance,” plus the real checkpoints were set back a ways on both sides of the border. We would park on the US side and just walk over, though one time we just drove the car, no problem. The divided cities were a sort of a free zone.

Both the US and Mexican sides were sleepy, just a few agents outdoors on stools asking an occasional question of the passersby. We crossed over with a friend from Germany one time, and on the way back into the US, the customs agent said, “Hey Germany, I just need to see your ID.” We were startled that the agent knew.

We’d eat, shop, then head back to Tempe. I bought this objet d’art (obra de arte) on one of those border trips. It still hangs on a wall in our house after all these years.

In spite of the relaxed sleepiness of this small border crossing, we heard stories that if you gave a ride to someone into Arizona, somehow “they” knew, and all hell would break loose.

political puppet show, the usual, usa

Source link from Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter at the end:

America’s two-party sock puppet show is always fake. Always. Buying into any part of it supports the whole fake show.
“But the red puppet acts different from the blue puppet!”
Yes. That’s how puppet shows work. Characters act different. Cheering for either is endorsing the lie.

You can absolutely make the case that one of the puppets acts less reprehensibly than the other during the show. But the show always ends the same: everyone in the audience gets a punch in the mouth and has to give all their money to the military.


recurring dream – this time mexico access closed

I have a few dreams that have been recurring over the years. A new installment will come in every few months or years. One set of the recurring just got infused with recent events. The plot of this one is easy to guess.

In this dream, Guadalajara (Jal., MX) and Greensboro (NC, USA) are connected for me by a “passage”. On the Guadalajara side, I enter via a side street at the north end of Chapultepec near the old Aurrera store. I emerge on Market Street at Greensboro College, though sometimes it’s a block over on Friendly Ave. I can go either way. Sometimes it doesn’t work in the dream. I walk the entrance/exit points correctly yet the passage won’t open. I like the dream because I can magically get to places I like easily and on a regular basis.

The mid passage is a grassy trail, overgrown with weeds, and looking like there are lots of ticks and snakes. Sometimes children and dogs are running around. There’s a little creek midway that I can usually just hop over.

The last installment of this dream had a new wrinkle. I got the passage to open from the Greensboro side and was walking the usual trail to go to Guadalajara, but children kept running by saying, “gringo, hay problema!” (gringo, there’s a problem). I got to where I always cross the creek, but the creek had been replaced by a coil of concertina wire with a few old guys in uniforms on each side.

— They told me, “it’s closed”.
— “But I’ve been coming here for 39 years! I have friends.”
— “No exceptions at this time. You can wait just over that hill.”

I walked over the hill and was surprised to find a sports-stadium-sized crowd of humans wandering around and waiting.

What will the next installment bring? Maybe it just stops here. For now, my gig is up.


la guerra fria

The Cold War lives on to this day with renewed enthusiasm. I like citizen diplomacy. I had a Ham Radio station and license all through high school (1970’s). I had many radio friends in the USSR.

The Johnny Carson interview in this is tops. This reminds me of my 6th grade class (about 1970). Cold War was running hot. A student asked, “Teacher, why do the Russians want to kill us?” She replied, “They don’t. Some child like you there is asking the same thing about us right now.”


In 1982, a 10-year-old American wrote to the head of the U.S.S.R. He wrote back and she became our youngest diplomat.